Geert Hofstede Connects Cultural Insights With Employee Performance

Geert Hofstede Connects Cultural Insights With Employee Performance

Dr. Geert Hofstede made a rare personal appearance as this year’s keynote speaker at ITAP International’s annual conference in Dublin, Ireland. In bridging the key gap between academic study and real world business applications, Dr. Hofstede’s presentation highlighted the vital connections between national cultures and employee satisfaction and performance, with strategic emphasis on how these cultural characteristics vary from country to country.

Hofstede was introduced by Dr. John Bing, Chairman of ITAP International, Inc. “Dr. Hofstede’s informative presentation and overall presence at the conference was a notable high point,” Bing said. “His attendance highlighted his close association with ITAP, which now goes back almost two decades. Our work together has been a matter of personal satisfaction over the years.”

As an international expert of cross-cultural comparative science, Dr. Hofstede’s ground-breaking ‘Cultures Consequences’ and its application to the workplace has been at the vanguard of international business thinking for decades.

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Katia Reed

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