Europeans Fall in Love Quicker Than Americans

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A new study has reported that it seems that it takes the average American longer to fall in love than their European equals.
The study looked at Americans and also at Eastern Europeans and found that Americans often considered friendships to be a crucial part of the relationship process for Americans rather than for Europeans.
The report says that out of those people studied it was found that people from Lithuania (around 90% in fact) said that they usually fall in love within one month of meeting their new partner. In comparison to this 58% of Americans said that they fell in love anywhere between 2 months to a year.
The study was conducted to see how different cultures perceived love and over 1000 people from the US, Russia and Lithuania all took part in the survey which consisted of a 14 page questionnaire.
Interestingly Eastern Europeans viewed romance as fleeting whereas Americans saw it as something that was longer lasting. Eastern Europeans seem to be cynical about romantic love using terms such as ‘a stage’ and ‘fairy tale’.
This is in direct comparison to the Americans who said that ‘honesty,’ ‘contentment’ and ‘comfort’ were all crucial for love.
The research was carried out by scientists at the State University of New York at New Paltz and Russia’s Moscow State University for the Humanities.

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