‘Desperate Housewives’ offends the Philippines

‘Desperate Housewives’ offends the Philippines

The Philippine government is to seek an apology from the producers of the hit US television series “Desperate Housewives” for a racial slur against Filipino medics, the Philippine Daily Inquirer said on its web site Wednesday.

The officials cited a recent episode where actress Teri Hatcher, who plays Susan Mayer, asked whether the person attending to her during a medical consultation “can I check those diplomas because I want to make sure that they’re not from some med school in the Philippines.”

Asked if the government would seek an apology from the producers of the show, and ABC television network that carries it, executive secretary Eduardo Ermita said: “Yes, I think we should, on behalf of our Filipino professionals.”

“On the face, we can look at it as a racial slur. We are looked down upon too much, considering the number of our medical professionals in the US,” the Inquirer quoted Ermita as saying.

Katia Reed

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