British Multinational Retailer

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The Client

Our client is a well-known British multinational retailer with headquarters in London, over 700 stores in the UK and an additional 350 stores across 40 countries, specialising in the selling of clothing and luxury food products.


The Challenge

Our client’s International Learning and Development Manager approached Kwintessential with regards to the translation of 18 training documents with a total word count of 33,500. The translation, from English to Arabic needed to be translated in a way that ensured brand, style, tone and messages were communicated appropriately and fully. An added challenge was that our client needed this translated and proofread (for stylistic improvement/suggestions) all within a very small time frame.


Our Language Translation Solution

Kwintessential built a team of Linguists who were well versed in the transcreation (rather than simply the translation) of such material. We worked together with our client to build a glossary of terms to ensure the whole team were up to speed with style, tone, specific terms and any other tricky words or phrases.


Once the team of Linguists had completed the work, we independently instructed one Linguist to proofread the documents to ensure the quality, tone and style of the translation and make any suggested stylistic changes/improvements to ensure the highest possible quality of translation was achieved, and our client’s training delegates would be reached in the most effective way.


The Result

Kwintessential carried out the whole project in the space of 10 days, including proofreading. This meant that our client could carry out their International Training at the earliest juncture and with the most positive results.


More Information

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