Anglo-American Multinational Law Firm

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The Client

Our client is an Anglo-American multinational law firm with over 4000 lawyers located in more than 30 countries throughout the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. They represent more clients in a broader range of geographies and practice disciplines than virtually any other law firm in the world.


Their Translation Challenge

On a day to day basis, both nationally and internationally, our client has a high demand for a diverse range of translation and interpreting projects, in almost all world languages and often with very tight turnaround times.


Their presence is forever evolving worldwide, and as they break into new countries and markets, they are faced with new language barriers – resulting in a higher and more complex demand for language solutions.


Due to the growing business, they required a language provider that they could trust to take on all of their work, whether the projects were big or small, with the most competitive rates available, alongside fast on-point turnaround times, and of course the assurance that 100% quality would be delivered every time.


Our Language Translation Solution

Kwintessential has undergone in-depth discussions with our client in order to understand their business models, and the extent of their language service requirements. As a result of this, Kwintessential has been able to design a bespoke package of language services for them, allowing them to further their business offering to all of their clients, and accommodate their every need.


We now work with our client as their preferred Language Service Provider (LSP) worldwide.


More Information

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