Memberships and Accreditations

At Kwintessential we take quality assurance seriously. In order to get things right, we understand a mix of internal and external audits must take place to ensure we are providing excellent customer service as well as services that hit the mark. Our business is built on improvements to everything we do, all year round.


Externally we look towards industry specific benchmarks and peer consensus on best practice to guide our standards. Our memberships and accreditations illustrate the yardsticks we use to develop our high levels of service.

ISO 9001:2015 > We are one of the few translation agencies in the UK to hold the prestigious ISO 9001 accreditation. This standard certifies that we adhere to rigorous quality management procedures and is a reflection of our core belief in being 100% customer-focused. Our quality management system under ISO 9001 involves all parts of our organization, including top-management, and is designed to encourage a process of continuous improvement.

ISO 9001

ISO: 17100:2015 > We are very proud to also hold ISO 17100. This prestigious accreditation is specific to translation services and has only recently gained ISO status. As holders of this standard, Kwintessential are in the vanguard of agencies pushing for translation best practice to become standard. ISO 17001 means that we have rigorous recruitment and vetting procedures for our linguists, highly developed quality management processes, and that we never use machine translations.

ISO 17100:2015

Association of Translation Companies (ATC) > As accredited members our work is inspected and our clients approached for references as part of audits. The ATC offers corporate benchmarks in terms of quality output, systems and best practices which are implemented as and where necessary to improve translations, delivery, IT and security.

Association of Translation Companies

Institute of Translation & Interpreting (ITI) > As per the ATC, the ITI audits corporate members prior to achieving membership. More focused on the qualifications, experience and careers of translators and interpreters, the ITI works in tandem with members to safe-guard the integrity of the translation industry.

Corporate Member

If you have any questions about our memberships and/or accreditations please feel free to contact us.