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Roswell News

Roswell To Mark National Bike To Work Day With Ride to City Hall -
Patch.comRoswell To Mark National Bike To Work Day With Ride to City HallPatch.comThrough these events and activities, “the city hopes to inspire the community to consider making short trips via alternate transportation, such as riding bicycles, and enjoy the many bike-friendly amenities available in Roswell,” according to its press ...and more »

Roswell police seek suspect in 2013 murder case -
KOB.comRoswell police seek suspect in 2013 murder caseKOB.comRoswell police are seeking information to track down a man wanted in connection to a 2013 murder case. Last week, RPD obtained an arrest warrant for 27-year-old Steve Guardado in the homicide of Stoarmy Joel Vargas, 22. Vargas was fatally shot outside ...

New photos of Roswell Area 51 crash which 'prove aliens exist' - Metro
MetroNew photos of Roswell Area 51 crash which 'prove aliens exist'MetroA set of slides which are said to show off a humanoid alien found near Roswell in a crashed spacecraft in 1947 will be shown to a packed arena in Mexico today. UFO enthusiasts have been awaiting the unveiling of the so-called 'Roswell Slides' for ...Unseen images of 'Roswell alien corpse in crashed UFO' to be released Roswell UFO crash photos unveiled TODAY which 'prove' ALIENS existDaily Starall 3 news articles »

Unseen Roswell 'alien' photos to be unveiled tomorrow - are they an ... - Roswell 'alien' photos to be unveiled tomorrow - are they an hunters are preparing to unveil a series of photographs depicting an "alien" who crashed to Earth during the famous Roswell incident. Dr. Edgar Mitchell, an astronaut who was the sixth person to land on the moon, and a team of extraterrestrial ...

Roswell To Host 'Mabry Rock' Dedication Ceremony -
Patch.comRoswell To Host 'Mabry Rock' Dedication CeremonyPatch.comAmong them is former Roswell Mayor W.L. “Pug” Mabry, who is the great-great grandson of Robert Watson Mabry. Mabry served as Roswell's mayor from 1967 to 1997. Each year, more than 100 Mabry descendants gather for a family reunion at Mabry Rock.


Video claims to present an Alien (Monkey ?) caught in a mouse trap in Mexico. Jaime Maussan case.
This allegedly happened in 2007 but it was just made public now. Aired on a German TV show (so NO HOAX), the original is here:
3 prophet one word love non violance &one god great prophet but 3 interpration of the same word is lost in translation .the sing have happend just not like y...
an excerpt from CCTV9 "travel in chinese" Chinese lessons
Aired by CCTV9 20090824 (replay), host is Da Shan (大山) AKA Mark Roswell, the part of translation with some grammar constructs explained.
Bill Ryan's Zurich Conference 4 - 15 closed caption translation, subtitulos español
Roswell: " ".
Now the performers are two. Ghosts stories are not allowed ("I want to believe" was a great quote!) Is music a reflection/translation/ pervertion of human br...


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