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Translation Services in the Texas area
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Translation service providers in or near Lufkin, Texas include:

Translation & Interpreting Services
Lufkin Translators & Interpreters
Email: See Website

Translation & Interpreting Services
Kwintessential provide A1 translation services in all major world languages.
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Translators and Interpreters
USA Translation service offering quality translations for quality prices. Contact for a no-obligation quote.
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Lufkin News


No Need, To Cry... - Claire/Nathan
Hehehe, my first vid. And at the cost of (I kid you not, I counted) restarting the computer 22 times... ^_^Okay, onwards! Basically a kinda AU, kinda not AU,...
NaruHina - Shadow of love
Song: Shadow of loveArtist: OLIVIA (Olivia Lufkin)Anime: Naruto(Lyrics and spanish translation)Lyrics:誓いの指輪二人の赤い糸今は見えない約束もないけど繋いだ手を離さないで真実なら 悲しいだけこのままTrust i...
Squall x Rinoa - A Little Pain ~ "I'm Here, Waiting For You..."
This is the best AMV I've made so far, I think. I put tons of time and effort into this, so I hope it's okay.Also, I used my new intro. YAY!:DThis AMV recent...
Olivia Lufkin - A Little Pain
Translation;Travel to the moonYou're asleep, as you work out your dreamsThere's no one hereWhile the light of the stars toys with meIn order to become strong...
Cloud's pain ~~A Little Pain - FFVII~~
Okay, my first Final Fantasy video (and probably the last), eh ^^'. Well yeah, I tried but it turned out kinda ridiculous.. I'm also sorry for the bad qualit...


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