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Hold My Hand, Bakura/Ryou
yaoi. Lyrics translation here! This may not be the best one, since I did it myself, and finnish is a fri**n hard language to translate. but you'll get the ma...
saiyuki - Sanzo X Goku Doujinshi - mental invasion
WARNING: YAOI. :B don't watch if you're not into itthis is a saiyuki doujinshi I've been drawing for a few months that I've finished recently :3 artwork is a...
//Spring and Summer end, Fall and Winter Arrive//
I finally finished it! Took me forever! I had to find the translation to this song in order to make the video. I'm the type of person who just doesn't put a ...
The River Sings
**See Description for Lyrics!!!**This is my video done using the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Enya's "The River Sings." It is sung in a made up language cal...
Dir en grey Kyo's Poem/Song - 304 Goushitsu Haha to Sakura
This song is from Kyo's 1st poem book. It's really sad, especially towards the end v_vLINK TO DOWNLOAD:


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