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Translation & Interpreting Services
Quality translations to and from Chinese and English.
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Translation & Interpreting Services
Yaoi Translation Project
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Translators and Interpreters
Quality translations from a quality USA translation company. Contact for a no-obligation quote.
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Ceres News

Ceres' Table names new executive chef - Chicago Tribune
Chicago TribuneCeres' Table names new executive chefChicago TribuneDegel spent the last two years as sous-chef at Baffo, Eataly's fine-dining restaurant. Founding chef Giuseppe Scurato will remain part of the restaurant, as consulting chef/chef emeritus. "The reality is, I've had a few other projects I wanted to ...

Map of Ceres' surface shows surprises - Science News
Science NewsMap of Ceres' surface shows surprisesScience NewsCRATER CROWD A map of Ceres based on images taken by the Dawn spacecraft shows the dwarf planet's uneven distribution of craters. The terrain has about a 15-kilometer change in elevation (blue is low, red is high) and includes craters, such as Kerwan ...NASA releases new map of CeresSen (subscription)Dwarf Planet Ceres: A Perfect Place to Begin Exploring Beyond the Solar SystemWeekly ObserverWhat are the bright spots on Ceres? Nasa is holding a public voteIrish ExaminerClapwayall 12 news articles »

Watch: The Mysterious Craters on Ceres Get New Names - Wired
WiredWatch: The Mysterious Craters on Ceres Get New NamesWiredPluto isn't the only dwarf planet NASA is interested in these days. The space agency sent up a probe named Dawn in 2007 to two big rocks in the asteroid belt: Ceres and Vesta. Now, Dawn is circling in on Ceres, which is about 40 percent the size of ...Ceres Revealed in Dramatic New Map Produced By Dawn SpacecraftTech TimesDwarf Planet Ceres' Mountains and Craters Get Names in NASA MapsSpace.comNew names and insights at dwarf planet CeresAstronomy Now OnlineThe Market Business -Pioneer Newsall 81 news articles »

Dwarf Planet Ceres Reaches Opposition in Night Sky -
Space.comDwarf Planet Ceres Reaches Opposition in Night SkySpace.comWith all the news about Pluto this month, most skywatchers may not be aware that Ceres, the brightest and nearest of the dwarf planets, reached its opposition to the sun on Saturday (July 25). An object is said to be in opposition when it is directly ...Strange Bright Spots on Ceres Create Mini-Atmosphere on Dwarf PlanetYahoo NewsProof of Alien existence at last? Mysterious 'Haze' Seen Above Ceres' Bright SpotsEmpire State Tribuneall 5 news articles »

Are the White Spots on Ceres Producing Afternoon Haze? - io9
Are the White Spots on Ceres Producing Afternoon Haze?io9The mysterious white spots on Ceres have stepped up their game: from certain angles at certain times of day, they apparently produce a haze that partially covers their crater. If the observations are confirmed, it suggests the odd markings are ice ...and more »


6th Period Random-ness!!!
Si esta es sesenta hora clase a la escuela de ceres :D! Translation? This is 6th period at Ceres High :D!! Randommm :DD!! Woooo!!!!
Tsumi Ni Nureta Futari - Scarlet
This is for isakasumi ... I hope you like it!Here is the translation of the song, I thought it would fit with the manga:Can you still see your dreams in the ...
[BETA] ShugoChara - Scarlet [Amuto]
my first amuto vid *0*I absolutely love this song for this couple x)Manga/Anime: ShugocharaCouple: Amu x Ikuto [amuto]Song: Scarlet by iwao junkoLyrics that ...
Anime Summer Mix 2007
I thank Mimiii01 for this great Idea!Anime i used:Ayashi no CeresLucky StarOuran High Shool Host ClubTenjo TengeHe is My MasterPower StoneYu Gi Oh GXNadia se...
Aventura- Los infieles (Video Oficial HQ - Official Video HQ)
Aventura Los infieles Video Oficial HQLetras letra Video - Testo Video - Lyrics Video - Mots VideoSo NastyYou know we are not suppose to be doing this rightN...


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