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Bleriot XI/Thulin A test flight
One of the first flights with Mikael Carlson's second Bleriot XI restorations. Yes, a restored original - not a replica!Translation of what Mikael says at 00...
Maria KurenaisTheme and Divas Song
Songs:Maria kurenai'sTheme and DivaWritten and Composed by:Takefumi Haketa,Mark MancinaSang by:Diva-Elin CarsonEnjoy:)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
沒有人像你這樣愛我 - 原創 / NO ONE LOVES ME LIKE YOU DO - Original
For English Translation please scroll down!沒有人像你這樣愛我No one loves me like you doCapo 1st Fret Music & words by Carson J. 2004C C C9 Am你塗上我生命的色彩, 從此不再黑...
John 3:16 & otherzBy Carson J.Revised version: 8/12/07V.I他是我的避難所,是我的山寨,是我的神, 是我所倚靠的我的最愛他必救你脫離捕鳥人的網羅, 毒害的瘟疫要撲倒在你的身旁他必用他的羽毛遮蔽,軟
我要頌贊﹐稱謝你 -- 原創 / Praise and thanks - Original Chinese Christian Worship Song
For English Translations please scroll down!我要頌贊﹐稱謝你Praise and thanksWritten by Carson J.Worshipping by Carson & Kenny J.我的神﹐來到你寶座前﹐都是你的愛吸引我要頌贊﹐稱謝你﹐我心渴慕見到你我的...


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