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爱與恩典 - 原創 / LOVE & GRACE - Original
For English Translation please scroll down! This song was written and recorded back in 2005. Sorry it's not a complete version, it's only an unfinished DEMO....
你是我所有 (原創) - Chinese Christian Worship Song
For English Translation please scroll down!你是我所有You Are My EverythingChinese by Carson J. English by Kenny J.9/22/05沒有你﹐我不知在那裡﹐你是我避難所﹐你是我的盾牌。唯有你﹐賜我全新生命﹐遠離罪惡﹐...
Christian Kane singing Different Kind of Knight 8-16
Translation as best as I could get :)SC-"Hey you got that beer?"CK handing Jack Daniels to Jason-"That's American made" points to the guys "American made ri...
拯救 - 原創詩歌饒舌 / SAVE - Original Chinese Christian Rap Song
这是小弟的第一首饶舌诗歌,如果喜欢,请留下你宝贵的意见。拯救诗篇 91 + 约翰福音 3:16 金程原创诗歌作品V.I他是我的避難所,是我的山寨,是我的神, 是我所倚靠的我的最愛他必救你脫離捕
John 3:16 & otherzBy Carson J.Revised version: 8/12/07V.I他是我的避難所,是我的山寨,是我的神, 是我所倚靠的我的最愛他必救你脫離捕鳥人的網羅, 毒害的瘟疫要撲倒在你的身旁他必用他的羽毛遮蔽,軟


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