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Caramelldansen - accurate lyrics
The Swedish song that has spread all over the blogosphere, and most people enjoy it without the slightest clue of what they're actually singing about.I know ...
Mountain biking. Israel. Yaar (forest) Megido and environs (Carmel). По лесу Мегидо и окрестностям (Кармель). Израиль.
4.04.2007. Велопоходы по Израилю.---Подробное описание этого маршрута и фотографии: and Photos (e...
Kingdom Hearts - CaramellDansen (W/ Dutch Translation)
All right, I finally dicided to do the Dutch transaltion too XDbut actually I translated the English translating of the song XDcuz there's no way I could fin...
Caramelldansen Easter Tribute~
FOR BEST QUALITY: Use the old player and view in high quality. Thank you. x3 EDIT: This placed second in an AMV contest! Woot! Hokay. This is my second dance...
~*PyonOPV*~ Otanjoubi Omedatou Chinen-kun!
Micchichanpyon here! Today is Chinen's 15th birthday! I hope he had an amazing day today ^^ I'm curious about what he did to celebrate~~ I really wanted to s...


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