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Blaine News


Vampire Ladies- Elizabeth Blaine and Selene- Komm zu mir
"die neue Schönheit blüht im dunkeln Abendrot"This is my real Tribute to two Sexy Vampire Ladies. This Vid contains a bit violence, sexual nudity and two Vam...
Angry german kid gets windows vista
Angry german kid gets windows vista, but he doesn't know what it will do to his computer..NOTE: TO ALL GERMANS/PEOPLE WHO CAN SPEAK GERMAN THIS IS A PARODY, ...
Dracula on his way to Redemption- A Dracula and Elizabeth Shipper Vid (Eisbrecher-Entlassen)
"Eine lange Nacht beginnt . Unsere letzte Nacht mein Kind/A long night begins. Our last night my child"Storyline: Dracula wants his eternal salvation and Eli...
Bladerberg Leafmount (movie maker effects / translations)
This is KillerJB - he's a leafman. He likes leaves and loves to roll in to them. Therefor this Leafmount!With special movie maker effects and translations fr...
stage mentalism act: newspaper prediction
ACTIVE THE ANNOTATION EDITOR FOR GET THE ENGLISH TRANSLATION OF THE EFFECT!questo è un effetto di mentalismo dove il mentalista mostra un articolo ritagliato...


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