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spanish translatorWhat do Spanish translators do?

A translator, Spanish or any other language, converts the written word of one language into another. Their roles are different to that of an interpreter who deals with the spoken word.


For more information on the difference read What does an Interpreter do?


A translator can convert any written material – such as a memo, leaflet, instruction manual or website – either into or from Spanish.


Who are our Spanish translation team?

The Kwintessential Spanish translation team has been handpicked based on their qualifications, experience, and professionalism. Each translator brings a certain proficiency in a subject area such as legal, academic, technological or scientific documents. Our team deal with both traditional and simplified Spanish.


Do you only deal with UK clients?

We offer our Spanish translations to anyone, anywhere. Our clients range from private individuals to global companies. We deal on a daily basis with clients from all over the world.


What format do I need to give my translation in?

We can translate anything that is written. We accept work in emails, word documents, PDF files, web pages or as hard copy such as faxes or posted materials.


How long will it take?

The turnaround time for Spanish translations depends on a variety of factors including the workload our Spanish translation team has, the length your document, your preferred deadline and the complexity of the translation. We will always confirm lead times before proceeding with a translation. On average a single translator will complete 1,500 – 2,000 words per day.


How much does it cost?

For any translation service, we charge per word.

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