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Are you looking for a quality Japanese translator? Look no further. To answer your initial questions we have provided the following FAQs:


Can you translate into Japanese?

Yes of course. We translate from English to Japanese and Japanese to English.


What documents can you translate?

The simple answer is, if it is written we can translate it. Our Japanese translators can deal with business letters, brochures, emails, leaflets, handbooks, websites, presentations and much more.

In addition, each of our Japanese translators is an expert in certain fields. This means we can translate anything from a marketing brochure to an HR manual to a travel guide book.


How much does a Japanese translation cost?

We base the price for translation on three areas – the nature of the document (i.e. how difficult is it?), the length and when the client needs it by.

Prices can only be confirmed upon seeing the document.


How does a translation take?

A single Japanese translator normally completes around 1,500 words per day.


For large translation projects, we usually use more than one Japanese translator to quicken the process. For example, if there is a 40,000 word document needing translating in one week we would need to use four translators.


We have not missed a deadline yet.


How should I send you my translation?


If you have a document that needs to be translated into Japanese, we can accept hard copies such as photocopies, faxes, etc or electronic copies such as emails, word documents, PDFs, etc.


Are your Japanese translators qualified?


We only work with qualified and experienced translators. All our Japanese translators have qualifications from universities and recognised international translation bodies.


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