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International Website Translation Services:: Websites are an integral part of "going global" -  we are experts at website translation, designing and developing websites into foreign languages.

With the steady march of globalisation and internationalisation comes the need for business to promote themselves to a global audience. The website is key to being able to speak to and with clients and customers from around the world.

Our website translation service offers businesses the opportunity to convert their current websites into any language they like - whether one language or a hundred.

We have the translators, designers and developers to guarantee you a top-notch website translation.

What is the Cost of a Website Translation?

Costs are very difficult to scope out without understanding and seeing what is involved in full. On the whole, we can offer either:

  • a: Solely the translation of a website's text or
  • b: Both the translation and design

Option 'a' is calculated on a per word basis as per standard translations; so for example, if your website contained 1000 words of text and was to be translated into Spanish, this would come to £99. Content we need in order to start any translation will include text, meta tags, alt tags, navigation text and anything else that will need translating including images.

Option 'b' on the otherhand needs to look at all aspects of the website design including your CMS, artwork, images, meta information, etc. We can only provide costs for these elements having properly analysed the time needed.

If you need your website translated and have not prepared any content yet, the easiest thing to do is contact one of our team and we will be happy to walk you through your options.

We do Website Translation and do it Well

We love website translation! Check out one of our more recent projects for the Visit Abu Dhabi website [click to visit it].

Abu Dhabi Translated Website

As well as dealing with the translation of web copy, we also dealt with foreign language copywriting, localization and marketing consultancy on some of the key targetted regions the tourism authority identified.

Foreign Language 'Microsites'

Mini Website Translation

Do you want a more economical alternative to our full-blown website translation service?

If so take advantage of our special "microsite" package which creates a mini-version of your website in a foreign language. Perfect for getting across the message and keeping it simple!

Please visit Microsite Translation

Website Localization & Translation

Website localization is the process of modifying an existing website to make it accessible, usable and culturally suitable to a new target audience.

For example, taking an English US focused website and modifying it for a Chinese audience. Part of this process involves the translation of the website content.

Although website translation is in essence similar to normal translation work as it deals with words, sentences and language, it does bring different challenges that need to be considered properly. This is due to the combination of linguistic, visual, technical and financial factors.

Before commencing a website translation project one should ask questions such as:

• Why is this website being translated? Is it to generate revenue or to provide information?
• Who is the target audience? Are they from a particular age group, generation or socio-economic class?
• Are there any language variations? If you are promoting a site in Arabic is it aimed at Gulf Arabs or North African Arabs?
• What impact could culture have on the website translation? Think of possible cross cultural differences in language use, colours, pictures and images.
• Does or will your website change its content frequently? If so, will you need an on-going service that provides small pieces of translation work?
• Does your website designer have the programming capability to deal with new characters and numerals?

All the above questions in one way or another will impact the success of your website localization or translation project.

Visit our Website Localization page for more specific information or for the main languages we cover in this service, use the finder located at the bottom of the page.

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    Multilingual Web Design

    Website Design

    We can help with any element of your web design. Dealing with websites on a daily basis, we have a nifty team of developers and designers that can help build a landing page, update your templates, oversee the application of translated content and much more. We work with all major CMS as well as custom built websites.

    Website Localization

    Website Localization

    Website localization is different to website translation. The latter is involved in the translation of content only. Localization is more about adapting a website to a country or region to make it look, feel and sound like it was built locally. This involves usabillity, design, language and other areas such as currencies, measurements, etc.