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We are a 1-stop solution for all translation services - all languages, all subjects, all deadlines - we deliver.

Our service offers you the experience, know-how and professional translators to ensure you receive your document translation on time, on budget and on point.

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  • Quality Translations - our team of professional translators guarantee only the best.
  • Premier Customer Service - our Relationship and Project Managers assure a top-class, smooth-sailing translation service.
  • Transparent Costs - easy to understand, honest translation rates that won't break the bank.

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  • "Fantastic!" Hilton Worldwide
  • "...very pleased with the services, efficient and prompt turnaround." Allen & Overy
  • "I will certainly be recommending Kwintessential Ltd. for your prompt and accurate service." G4S

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What are translation services?

Quality Translation and Translating ServicesA professional translation agency or company is responsible for producing high quality translations for clients. An agency worth its salt will have experience of all languages, all formats, all deadlines, all technologies and all business sectors.

Kwintessential do; on top of this we strive to deliver quality across all services we provide.

As an ISO:9001 accredited translation agency our work is inspected and benchmarked according to international standards.

Alongside this we operate our own stringent Quality Management Systems that cover everything from the experience and qualifications of our translators to the formatting of documents to customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, we are members of the top regional translation associations:

atc translation membershipITI translation service

To ensure you receive a quality translating service we:

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  • Track and manage translation assignments through a custom-designed CRM
  • Employ Translation Memory and CAT Tools to manage terminology
  • Only use qualified professional translators
  • Fully understanding of the context of all documents through a ‘Translation Briefing’
  • Have Project Managers review final files to ensure formatting and editing are accurate

Language Translation In The UK

Starting life as a London translation company, we now have a wealth of experience from our international expansion, in-depth knowledge of business sectors and complete range of translation related services.

Whether it's legal, financial, marketing or media our translators can talk the talk.

For more information on some of our specialist translation services, keep scrolling or click the link of interest….

Certified Translation

Document with Certified Translation Stamp

For customers seeking "official", "certified" or "legalised" translation services, we translate and certify all manner of documents from birth certificates to insurance documents to official company materials. Our certified translations are used by solicitors, in courts, for immigration, by businesses and individuals.

Technical Translation

Workers with Technical Manual Translation

Specialist and technical document translation services need great skill. We go to great pains with technical translations to ensure we understand context, glossaries, readerships and locale. We have specialists in many technical fields who can confidently handle your job. Contact us so we can assess your technical translation needs.

Business Translation

Business Translation Services

We understand business. Due to the wide ranging services we provide for a mix of sectors and challenges, we understand how important translations are, and how you want your translation provider to act. Whatever your need, we have the experience that offers you the best solutions. See the Business Translation services page for more information.

Creative Translation Services

Transcreation Copywriting

Creative translations, adaptive marketing or “transcreation” are geared towards marketing copy, advertising, PR and the social media spaces - our translators interpret and apply the message of any given copy to a target audience. So a press release for Dubai or a website for Russia would both undergo a certain amount of localization to make sure the right message gets across. 

Copywriting Translation

Translation Copywriting

Our copy translating service is needed when you would rather have content written directly in a foreign language, than have it translated from an English original. Creative copywriting is an art applied to the marketing, advertising and branding fields where sutble messages and reactions are elicited through culturally-targetted copy.

App Translation

App Translation Service

If you are looking to maximise the exposure of your app, you need to take it international. Our simple app translation service takes your strings and supporting content, translates, tests and sends you back your files ready to turn your app multilingual. Contact us for more information or read on.