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Understanding Legal Aid Rates

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We at Kwintessential have been working closely with the legal field since 2005. We understand the industry, its needs, how it operates and what it expects.

As many of our clients work in criminal, family and immigration law one part of our role when working with clients is to help them apply for Legal Aid Funding. We understand the process and how to make it easy for our clients.

Our rates can on occassion be brought into line with new limits set down by the Legal Services Commission (LSC) in 2012 and we have a regular dialogue with the organisation to ensure we are abreast of changes to policy. Please speak to a Relationship Manager who can guide you through costings.

If you are looking for a company to provide translation and/or interpreters at legal aid rates...look no further.

Legal Translation Services

We cover all areas of legal services for both translation and interpreting. The areas we deal with most are:

About Legal Aid

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