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German Conference Interpreter

German InterpretersOrganising and managing a multilingual conference can be a stressful affair. Why not let us take some of the burden off you?

We are experienced at working alongside conference organisers to ensure that their multilingual conferences run smoothly and successfully. We take care of all conference interpreting needs from the hire and installation of conference interpreting equipment to assembling a team of conference interpreters to cover all your language combinations.

In addition to all major world and European languages we specialise in German conference interpreters. With Germany's central role within Europe, the language always features heavily at European conferences and meetings.

We have a team of top notch German conference interpreters that can offer the following language combinations:

German >< English
German >< French
German >< Italian
German >< Spanish
German >< Portuguese
German >< Russian
German >< Dutch

If there are other world languages that will be used we will simply have the German interpreter translate from the appropriate feed. For example, if Arabic is to be used at a conference and there are no German >< Arabic interpreters we would simply have the German interpreter translate from the English feed. There is a slight delay but this still does not affect the running of the conference.

All our German conference interpreters are veterans at the apex of their field having worked at major international conferences and meetings. We have provided interpreters for conferences on banking, engineering, medicine, insurance, tourism, policing, disaster management, politics and finance. We always ensure that we match the right interpreter to the subject matter of your conference.

As a London based company the majority of our work is with conferences in and around London. We do however serve the rest of the UK and Europe if need be.

If you would like to book a German conference interpreter please contact us now to discuss your needs.

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For more information on this service please visit our conference interpreting page.