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Dutch Conference Interpreter

We've got the solution to your conference interpreting needs!

Dutch InterpretersKwintessential specialise in organising multilingual conferences. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will take care of all elements of your conference or meeting from supplying and fitting simultaneous interpreting equipment to assembling a team of conference interpreters to cover all your needed language combinations.

In addition to Chinese, Arabic, French, Italian, German, Danish, Russian and many more languages we also provide Dutch conference interpreters.

All our Dutch conference interpreters are world class professionals with years of experience at interpreting between English and Dutch. All are qualified and recognised as reliable conference interpreters working to the highest standards.

For more information on this service please visit our Conference Interpreters page.

Conference Interpreting FAQs

1. Where are your Dutch conference interpreters based?

Most of our Dutch interpreters are based in and around London, UK. However we send interpreters across Europe, so location is not an issue.

2. How much does a Dutch conference interpreter cost?

We charge daily rates for conference interpreters. This applies even if you only need someone for two or three hours.

Rates differ and depend on where the conference/meeting is, what the subject matter is, how long it will last for and what language combinations are going to be used.

3. How many conference interpreters do I need?

Conference interpreters work in pairs. So for example, if you need Dutch interpreters to translate into/from English into/from Dutch you will need two people to work what would be called the "Dutch booth".

They work in pairs due to the high levels of concentration needed to provide top quality translations. One interpreter would simply find working alone too much of a struggle and the quality of work would falter.

Do I need a conference interpreter?

For an understanding of the difference between consecutive and simultaneous interpreting please visit What does an Interpreter do?