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Chinese Translation Services

Premier Chinese translation services

The demand for Chinese translation is booming. More business is done in and with China. Companies need a  quality Chinese translation agency. We offer all our clients the highest quality Chinese translations, in the quickest possible time and at the most competitive rates.

Simply stated, for a rock solid Chinese translation you have come to the right place.

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Not just any Chinese translation agency

We have been working with clients from across the globe in providing first-class Chinese translations. Client names include:

  • Kellogg, Brown & Root
  • Aston Martin
  • Toyota
  • BBC
  • Chanel
  • Norton Rose

“Katy Pritchard appears to be a great asset to your team; I have yet to deal with any individual at a company who can reply to e-mails as fast as she can! You appear to be a very efficient company who does exactly what it says it will do, which is exactly the sort of service level we require.” Direct Line Insurance

Our client base comes from across sectors meaning no matter what the topics or subject matter, we have the team to deal with it. Areas we excel at include Automotive, Construction, Consumer and Retail, Creative and Design, Education and Training, Financial and Banking, Legal, Manufacturing and Engineering, Marketing and PR, Pharmaceutical and Telecoms.

The secret to our success in all translation services has been to hold tight to the founding principles of the company:

  • A customer-centric service
  • A one-stop Chinese translation service
  • The best quality translations 
  • Honest pricing

With a wealth of experience and thousands of satisfied clients we have an unparalleled reputation for quality. We know you will agree.

top-flight Chinese translation services

Translation is a difficult job. Many assume that translation work can be done by anyone with knowledge of two languages. Others believe free translation software does the job well enough. Wrong and wrong again.

A top-notch translation does more than just literally convert one language into another. A translator must capture the original essence, meaning, style, format, humour and cultural nuances of the original text. This can only ever be done by a qualified and experienced translator.

When you use our Chinese translation service you tap the knowledge and know-how of our team of dedicated Chinese translation veterans. All are qualified translators with years of experience in both general translations and specialist areas. Furthermore, any translation we carry out is completed only by a native language speaker.

We work with documents of:

  • Any size: from 100 words to 100,000
  • Any topic: manufacturing, economics, IT, art, literature, etc
  • Any format: hard copies, emails, PDFs, websites, etc

No matter what your document is, how large or how quickly you need it, you can count on us.

Which Chinese?

We work from English into both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese and vice-versa. As well as English into Chinese and vice-versa we also cover other language combinations including Chinese > French, German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Japanese and more.

For a clarification of the different Chinese dialects and written forms, please visit > Mandarin, Cantonese, Simplified or Traditional?

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