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Low-Cost Budget Translation Service

Save up to 40% on your Translations!

Low Cost Translation Services
Our budget translation service has been designed to provide our clients with an alternative to the normal translation service we offer.

This service brings you a basic translation for non-critical documents that simply need to be understood, i.e. complete and utter accuracy is not vital. The translations are not carried out by any software; we use translators who are still considered “in training”. The translations will always have the human touch but may not be as professional as those carried out by our qualified staff.

Due to the fact that the documents are needed for information purposes only, we can offer significant reductions on our normal translation prices. In most cases these are up to 30% cheaper and in some languages 40%.

To get your translation processed as soon as possible please contact us.

Big Value Translation Service

> What can I use this budget translation service for?

It is only advisable that this service be used when a document simply needs to be understood. If documents are business critical or intended for use in the public domain, then this service is not appropriate. It may also be used to gain a first draft of a translation that someone can then polish up.

> How much does it cost?

Costs depend on three things: 1) the language, 2) the number of words involved and 3) when the document is needed back.

Our charges per 1000 words (exc. VAT) are as follows:

  • Main European (Italian, German, French & Spanish) > £60
  • Other European (Greek, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, etc) > £65
  • Main World (Arabic, Turkish, Chinese & Japanese) > £70
  • Other World (Korean, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, etc) > £80

The above costs are for translations either way, i.e. from/to English or to/from the other language.

For a quote simply email us your document and we will get back to you within 10 minutes with a quote – guaranteed!

> How long does it take?

This depends on the length of your document. We can advise you of lead time upon receipt of your document.

> Who are your translators?

Our budget translation service has been set up with a dual purpose. We give work and valuable experience to translators in training and as a result our clients get competitive costs. All our translators are undergraduates learning the trade and studying to become professional translators.

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