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My Name Translation Tattoo Experience

Jasmine Tyler, 32, kindly agreed to supply us with her Tattoo story after we supplied her with a name translation for her tattoo.

“I decided about three years ago that I wanted to have tattoo. A friend of mine had had a small dragon tattooed on her lower back and I loved it probably more than my friend. The only thing I was terrified of was going through the pain. When I was much younger a friend of mine, (for someone reason we used to call him ‘Foxey’!) took me with him as support when he went to have a large tattoo done across his shoulder blades. He had been wanting a tattoo for years and his parents wouldn’t let him get one until his 18th birthday so he was blissfully happy the whole way there and didn’t have the slightest care that it might hurt. Anyway, the whole experience completely terrified me and it culminated in him passing out half way through. Needless to say, I was not in a hurry to get my own tattoo done and even 15 years later he still hasn’t lived down the fact that he passed out getting his tattoo done.

Anyway, in the end my love for a tattoo outweighed fear and I decided to bite the bullet. I dragged my boyfriend along for moral support, hoping that he would relent and get a tattoo too – but he didn’t! We went to a local body artist shop in Camden. I’d already been speaking to them about the name translation and they had prepared the stencil.

The actual process was fine. I’d been a bit worried – needlessly about dirty or used needles but everything seemed really hygienic and well cleaned. Best of all, it didn’t really hurt at all. It was a bit uncomfortable but it was more like a kind of ‘hot’ feeling rather than pain itself.

I am now very happy that I had my tattoo done. It’s in Hindi and written on my lower back but I have to wait until Summer before I can show it off properly. I can’t wait!!!

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