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Website Translation - A 'Microsite'

What is a "microsite"?

A microsite (sometimes known as a minisite) generally refers to a small website that is the off-shoot of its parent website.

It is considered a separate entity as it may present different information and even have a different URL. So for example, an art gallery will have its main website but when they have a special exhibition they will create a microsite with specific information on it. This would normally be linked from the home page.

Within website translation this is exactly the same concept.

If a company wants to have its website translated into a foreign language it is not always necessary to have the whole website completed.

Some companies, such as manufacturers, may have very large sites with tens of even hundreds of pages. It is not necessary to have every single page translated. What is key is to get across the most important information about a website across to the reader in their own language. This can be done through a microsite.

What a microsite does is condense all the important information about a company, services or product into a few pages. These pages are then translated and presented in the foreign language. So for example, if a company already has an English website and they decide they would also like potential clients in Spain, Germany and France to see their website in their own languages, a microsite for each of the languages would be created (i.e. Spanish, German and Italian). In order to incorporate it within the main site all that would need to be done is add a link from the home page, usually using a flag.

The concept of the microsite is what we offer in our website translation package for SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises).