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Free Text and Internet Translators

Free text and web translators are best for getting the general idea of foreign text. A person can translate text by typing or pasting the source text into the "Translate a block of text" text box, selecting the language pair from the list (for example, Spanish to English), and then clicking the "Translate" button. The translated version will appear. To translate a web page, a person has to enter the URL of the web page to be translated into the "Translate a Web page" text box, select the language pair from the list, and then click the "Translate" button.

The specialized dictionaries integrated in translation software are continually updated and are comprehensive. The Webmaster monitors usage of the dictionary for untranslated words and updates it at regular intervals with the top fifty untranslated words. The translate box provides an option of using an onscreen international keyboard (World Keyboard) to type accents or special characters.

However, the results of free translation services may not be completely precise. Services provided by free translations are intended to give a general understanding of the source text; it allows the person to grasp the general idea of the source text and does not attempt to construct a polished translation. If the translation is intended for publishing purposes, it should be professionally authenticated before publication.

The maximum size of content that can be translated in free translation software is limited and varies with each software program or website. If the source text exceeds the character limit, both the source text and the translated version will be cut off. It is recommended to break the text into small sections and translate each section separately.

As they are mechanical translators, free translators work best when the source text uses correct grammar. Use short sentences and avoid slang, idiomatic expressions, and superfluous synonyms for best results.

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