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translation articlesPlease find below various articles relating to translation and interpreting. Note that all new articles go up on our blog rather than here now, so head on over there for some fresh content once you have browsed these....

Translation Articles

UK Law Firms are Monolingual Online - press release about the lack of multilingual websites in the legal sector.

Top Ten Translators' Blogs 2010 - the best blogs by freelance translators.

EN15038 and Translation Services - an introduction to EN15038 standards.

Translation Quality - 3 steps to ensure a good quality translation.

Cross Cultural Marketing Blunders - some funny examples of poor cultural awareness in international marketing.

Don't get Lost in Translation - gaffes, blunders, mistakes and errors in translation.

Funny Signs - signs from around the world you may like.

How do I get started in Freelance Translation? - guidance on becoming a freelance translator.

Lost in translation? Common terms used by translation agencies - A to Z explanation of translation terminology.

Mandarin, Cantonese, Simplified or Traditional? - the differences in written and spoken Chinese.

Name Tattoo Translation - Jasmine Tyler's experience of getting her name tattooed.

Expansion and Retraction in Translation - a guide to why and how languages expand and retract in the translation process.

Tattoo Translations - tattoos are officially hip.

Tattoo Translators - a look at the importance of using a reputable translation service for your tattoo.

Tattoo Translation Horror Stories - when foreign language tattoos go wrong.

Translating Business Cards - 10 tips for those needing to translate their business cards.

Translation and Culture - how does culture impact translation work? 'Transcoding' is the process by which both language and culture and transferred over in any translation.

Translation Misconceptions - a look at some of the common misconceptions regarding translation.

Translation of Advertisements - getting your message across in advertising depends heavily on understanding the target country's society and culture

Types of Translation - explanations of some of the more specific types of translation.

Using a Translation Agency - tips on how to find a translation agency and the right questions to ask.

Using a Translation Service - a look at the importance of using a reputable translation service in order to avoid mishaps.

Popular Tattoo Translations - what languages are popular in the tattoo world.

20 questions to ask your translation company - what to ask when sending an agency your translation.

ISO Language Codes - a guide to international 2 letter codes for languages.

Getting a word count from MS Word - a quick and easy guide on getting an accurate word count from Word.

Tips on Starting a Career in Freelance Translation - how to get into the field of freelance translation.

Translator Qualifications - the qualifications needed for freelance translation.

VAT Disbursements for Solicitors - rules on VAT Disbursements for Solicitors when using translators or interpreters.

Financial Translation - the growing need for translations due to the globalization of finance.

How to achieve Good Quality Translations - how to get the best out of a translation.

Interpreter Articles

7 Steps to Successful Legal Interpreting - simple and effective tips for solicitors, lawyers and attorneys.

Court, Conference and Phone Interpreters - basic terminology used to describe the different types of interpreter.

Interpreters in London - London's multi-cultural and international make-up have resulted in an increasing demand for interpreters.

Language Interpreters - the benefits of using interpreters.

Telephone Interpreters - information about telephone interpreting.

Telephone Interpreting Agency - tips of getting the best out of telephone interpreting.

Ten Tips for Court Translators - some tips for the first time interpreter at court.

The Interpreter - Tips on getting the best out of an interpreter.

Tips on Organising a Multilingual Conference - some pointers for first time organisers of conferences using interpreters.

What does an Interpreter do? - a look at the role of an interpreter.

Web Globalization Articles

Website Language Translation - reasons for getting your website translated.

Website Translation and Localization - what localization of websites involves.

Armadillo - Website Translation - a case study of a website translation project.

Benefits of Website Localization - presenting your site to other countries and cultures is critical for international business success. Website localization offers businesses three huge benefits.

Culture and Website Localization - this article examines the importance of cultural awareness in wesbite localization projects. Read a shortened Spanish translation of this article - Cultura y localización de sitios web.

Dogpile - Cross Cultural Issues - Dogpile search engine's name change in the UK offers us a comical example of cross cultural issues in language.

Global Websites - The 3 hurdles of global sites.

Programming in Website Localization - tips on what to look out for in website localization projects.

The Potential of a Chinese Website - a look at the growing Chinese internet market.

Translating a Website for a Foreign Culture - a look at the considerations in any international website translation.

Website Localization, Translation, Language and Culture - why businesses need a multilingual website and what to look out for.

Website Translation - some advice to consider before any website translation project.

What is a Microsite? - definition of the term used in website translation materials.

Why you need a Multilingual Website - 10 reasons why businesses today should capitalize on multulingual websites.

World Map of Internet Penetration - want to check the internet penetration of a country?

Books About Translation

Translation Books - list of books, dictionaries and manuals on translation.

Miscellaneous articles

TRADUCCIÓN Y CULTURA - Spanish translation of Tradition and Culture.

Translation of Happy Birthday - say Happy Birthday in a foreign language.

Online Finnish Word Translator - need a line or word translated into Finnish?

Text Translator - an article about the intricacies of translating between languages.

How to become a Translator - tips of getting into the translation profession.

Translation of Personal Documents - a translator's view on translating personal documents.

Myths about Translation and Translators - some of the common misunderstandings about the role of translators.

The Challenges of being a Freelance Translator - advice on what to consider before becoming a freelancer.

The Business of Freelance Translation - tips on becoming a success when going freelance.

Translation of Text Documents - tips of how to reduce costs in text translations.

How to become a Freelance Translator - tips on how to approach a career as a freelance translator.

How many words per day does a translator do? - what is feasible for a freelance translator?

Project Management - a look at the role of project management within a translation company.

How to Choose a Translator - tips on chosing a translation specialist.

Best Practice for Translators and Translation - a translator reflects on best practice.

Professional Language Translators - what is translation all about?

Excuses for not using a Translation Company - common excused for the DIY approach to language translation.

The Bengali Language & Translation - a look at the differences in the Bengali language.

Arabic Language Translation Software - insight on software used for translation services.

Free Text and Internet Translator - the good and bad of free text translation software.

Translation Service Companies and Providers - the growth in translation services.

English - Russian Electronic Words Translator - tips of using an electronic translation device.

Language Document Translator - tips on getting the best out of your document translator.

How to Apply for Freelance Translation Work - good tips on how to get registered with an agency.

Languages and Websites - the need to have your website translated.

What is a Speech Language Pathologist? - a brief introduction to the work of SLPs.

Universal Translators - the development of a universal translation device.

Health and Safety - The Need for Translation - increased numbers of migrant workers means the need for translations.

Language Translation Company Services - common reasons for businesses not to use professional translators.

Chinese - English Online Translation Tools - some pointers to great free online translation tools.

Spanish Translation and the Hispanic Market - the growing importance of Spanish translations when marketing to the Hispanic population.

Three Myths about the Translation Business - misperceptions on what translation involves.

Evaluating Translation Companies - how to choose from the translation companies.

Localizing a Website - the topics of language, translation and culture within a localization project.

What Translation Agencies want in a Translator - tips on how to get a good relationship with a translation agency.

International Translation Associations - a list of all international organisations for translators.

Courses for Translators - a list of education courses for translators.

Professional Arabic Translators - an Arabic translator's view on poorly written texts.