App Localization and Translation Service

Send us your mobile app and we’ll send it back in another language, fully tested and ready to go for an international audience!


For app developers wanting to attract worldwide downloads, localization is key. As well as translation of your app it is also necessary to carry out user testing to ensure it meets with local expectations, habits and behaviours.


We work with iPhone and Android mobile app developers to translate and localize applications through a simple 3-step process: We translate the app, we localize and test it and then you go live!


By translating your app you: Increase downloads, improve turnover and gain international credibility.

App Translation Service

App Localization & Translation FAQs


How does App translation work?


Although it may seem complicated translating your app is pretty straightforward once you understand the process. The translation involves your app description as well as the app’s user interface. In order to do this we need access to all those snippets of information which will either be Apple String files or XML files. We can also translate descriptions, in-app images, press releases and any support documents. Our translators will sympathetically translate your text in the correct context and in the right tone. Viola! Your app is translated!


How does App localization work?


App localization is more about ensuring the aesthetics of your app meets local needs and expectations. An in-country specialist will look at areas such as the tone of the text, colours, images, icons and layout to ensure they are fit for purpose. Changes are either made directly into the source coding, suggestions for improvement made or we work alongside the developer to implement changes.


What languages should I translate into?


This really depends on what areas or countries you are targeting. If you are unsure the contact us and we can advise you. Essentially we can work in any language and any script.


How long does an App translation take?


As each and every App and project is different in size and nature, we’ll give you a time estimate once we have all information to hand. We’ll need to analyse the number of words and if you want us to translate things like images, etc then we need to take design time into consideration.


How do I order my App localization or translation?


Very simple – call us, email us or use one of the contact forms on our website. We will talk you through the process, get you a service quote and get you on your way!