Digital Media Localization

Digital Media LocalizationWe love digital media. What we love even more is adapting online platforms and campaigns to a global audience.

Working with online marketing companies, design agencies, digital media agencies and in-house creatives we localize, develop and design to ensure your digital media is ready for a multilingual audience.

Our expertise is in language and culture – we understand differences between people and how they interact with digital media, what they expect and how best to speak to them.

So if you have social media channels to be rolled out to Latin America, a landing page for the Arabic speaking world or a e-commerce website that needs adapting to the Chinese consumer, you need to speak to us!

Our digital media localisation services include:

  • Social Media
  • Web Design Localization
  • PPC
  • Apps
  • User Experience Testing
  • Landing pages
  • Video

Now more than ever we need to think, speak and do global! Give us a call to discuss your digital localisation project and say “yes” to international success!

Website Localization

Website designer drawingWebsite localization is not translation. To translate a website is only one of many possible steps one can take to target a foreign audience. Localization looks more at other factors such as layout, colours, images, usability, cultural expectations, currencies, times, dates and local events as well as translation to ensure your website 100% hits the local mark.

Website Design

International Website DesignersIf you are in need of a new website, a campaign landing page, a re-vamp or development of a multilingual CMS we can help. Our designers appreciate what makes a successful international website, successfully finding a balance between quality web design, usability, SEO and language.

Social Media

Foreign language users of social mediaAs an external communication tool social media has matured over the past few years. Companies are now realising the power and the opportunities globally. We compliment social media campaigns and platforms through page design, translation of feeds/tweets, brand monitoring and copywriting. In short, we cover anything social media related that requires linguistic input.


Asian lady using app on phoneMobile is massive. Predicted to become the most used means to information moving forward companies have to start embracing mobile-friendly websites and apps. If you have an app (iPhone or Android) that needs translating and localizing, this is exactly what we do.

User Experience Testing (UXT)

User Experience TesterWhen designing websites, apps, social media sites and the like most companies design and build them through their own cultural and national lenses. User Experience Testing is the process of checking whether in-country users effectively engage and interact and if not, what changes need to be made in order that they do so.


Voice Over ArtistVideo localization is the process of taking an existing English video and making it accessible to a foreign audience. This can be done either though voice overs or subtitling. Both involve the transcription and translation of the video contents and re-producing it according to client’s needs. We work on everything from You Tube videos to corporate training videos.