Transcription Services

We offer transcription services of audio/visual files in foreign languages as well as English.


Much of our work is for the legal, media and medical sectors which gives us a broad overview of transcription services. This experience gives us the skills and know-how to ensure we get you the best possible transcriptions in terms of quality, costs and time.


What is Transcription?


Transcription: this is where what is said in the foreign language is written down in the foreign language. So if it is spoken in Russian, we have the linguist write down word for word what was said in Russian text.


We can then if required translate the file for you matching it against the original text and timecodes.

Transcription Services UK

What formats can be used with the transcription service?


We can work with any of the following:
– video transcription (VHS)
– cassette transcription
– microcassette / minicassette transcription
– wav transcription
– minidisc transcription
– interview transcription
– mp3 transcription
– conference transcription
– CD transcription
– focus group transcription
– DVD transcription
– Windows Media Player transcription
– RealPlayer transcription


How do transcription services work?


We charge on an hourly basis. The amount of time an assignment will take depends upon the length of the audio/visual material, the quality of sound, how quickly people speak, what the topic of conversation is and in what format the translation or transcription is required.


On average such transcription work can take anywhere from 8 to 12 times as long as the source material; so 1 hour can take up to 12 (or more) to complete.


All we need to start the transcription service is the actual source material.