Court Interpreters

During a trial or court hearing can be one of the most important and delicate times for many of our clients – particularly where there is a language barrier to overcome. Ensuring that the exact wording, context and meanings are maintained throughout the interpretation is paramount to the efficient resolution and accurate representation of evidence and facts.

Having worked within the legal sector for over fourteen years, we understand how this vital service can affect lives and our dedicated, DPSI qualified court interpretation team are devoted to providing a precise, accurate and detailed service to ensure efficient representation is maintained at all times.

Our interpreters are available across all languages, able to attend hearings in all parts of the country, and can offer an unrivalled level of professionalism and confidentiality for all clients.

For the ultimate flexibility, our court interpreters are available to work on both short and long-term cases. Contact our team to discuss your needs and to book a trusted court interpreter with confidence.

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Business Interpreters

With the ever-growing need for international communication and business growth across borders, oceans and continents, we understand the need for a simple, effective interpretation service, with guaranteed quality and the ambition to ensure that language barriers are one obstacle your business does not have to face.

With years of experience in a wide range of business sectors, our interpreters are each qualified in a specific field of the business landscape – meaning that technical language and terminology is no issue during your multi-lingual meetings and communications.

Our highly qualified and experienced interpretation team are dedicated to providing a seamless service which allows you to focus on connecting with business partners, colleagues and clients, without having to worry about learning a new language or risking being misunderstood.

To improve your international, multi-language business communications, contact our business interpretation team today.

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Conference Interpreters

There is a big difference between one-to-one interpreted communications and the challenges posed by a large-scale multilingual conference or event. Fortunately, our interpretation team have over fourteen years of experience in providing simultaneous interpretation for multiple delegates – even in a busy or crowded environment.

Our trusted, experienced and qualified interpreting team have extensive qualifications and knowledge of their respective business, legal and medical fields and understand the need for precision and accuracy during conferences. To this end, our team provide up-to-date knowledge of key terminology, industry news and developments, to ensure that your message and meaning is not lost during the interpretation process.

Our interpreters understand the importance of confidentiality and are highly recommended for delicate negotiations and transferring confidential information between business partners, enabling easier communication within your business.

To discuss your conference interpretation needs, contact our team today.

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Telephone Interpreters

As industry leaders in business interpretation services, we know that it is not always possible to speak in a face-to-face environment. For this reason, we have an established telephone interpretation service with an easy to understand and set-up system.


Setting up your telephone interpretation service is simple –you just let us know your requirements and we make the necessary arrangements to have a qualified interpreter available. Whether you have your own in-house telephone conference system or you would like to use ours, we can arrange it all for you.


Our aim is to take the hassle out of multi-lingual telephone communication and to leave both parties with more time to focus on what’s important – your business, getting your message across and making progress.

To begin setting up your telephone interpretation service, call our team today.

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Legal Interpreters

At Kwintessential, we understand the need for clear communication during legal processes, whether it’s a meeting, conference, in court or during prison visits. We also know that special circumstances can often stand in the way of satisfactory interpretations – including speech and hearing difficulties.


We have collated a team of the top interpreters in the legal industry, with years of experience and expert knowledge of legal terminology and processes, alongside leading interpreters who dedicate themselves to promoting communication through both language and disability barriers.


One of the main concerns in bringing an outside party in to assist with legal proceedings is confidentiality – Kwintessential interpreters are all highly trained and understand the importance of classified information within the legal sector. Confidentiality and professionalism are our watchwords.


To discuss your legal interpretation needs or to book an interpreter, call our team today on 01460 279 900.

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