Top Business Sectors for Translation Services

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Do you keep track of the business sectors you work for? As a company, we do and we believe it’s crucial we know who are clients are, what we do for them and how we can improve.


As it comes to the end of our financial year we have been analysing the statistics our end to identify the good, the bad and the ugly from 2012. As part of the analysis we ran a report to see how we were doing in terms of the business sectors we provide services to – we do this is for all our services such as translation, interpreting, training, localization, design and others – on an annual basis.


I thought it may be useful for others in our industry to see the top business sectors we provided translation services for in 2012. These sectors below are tabled according to the spend from the business sector as opposed to number of jobs or any other measurement. Also, these were translation only services; assignments like website localization would not be counted in the statistics used below.


1. Legal
2. Media and Entertainment
3. Marketing
4. PR
5. Manufacturing
6. Medical
7. Education and Training
8. Creative and Design
9. Market Research
10. Consumer and Retail
11. Insurance
12. Financial
13. Non Profit and Charity
14. Travel and Tourism
15. Automotive
16. Catering
17. Construction
18. Energy
19. Banking
20. Government
21. Public Sector
22. Health and Safety
23. Leisure
24. Life Sciences
25. Logistics
26. Engineering
27. Pharmaceutical
28. Publishing
29. Sport and Recreation
30. Technologys
31. Telecoms


As you can see legal continues to account for a large percentage of our translation services – some 39% in 2012. Media, marketing and PR have all jumped from previous years which perhaps demonstrates our growing understanding of these sectors as well as some of the tailored translation services we now offer being taken up by our clients within these sectors, i.e. transcreation or foreign language copywriting.


Other notable points from my perspective are that pharma is now becoming more and more important for us; so expect to see that climb over the coming years. Our government work slipped in 2012 mainly due to the Ministry of Justice privitisation of court interpreting which had a knock on effect on our translation work.


So, let’s see what this list looks like in 2014 when we look back at 2013! If all goes to plan there should be some notable changes in the top 10 as we are focusing on developing more relationships in some of the sectors currently not top of the pops.

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