Multilingual and Foreign Language Internet Research

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internet research servicesThe internet has a wealth of information. However, when it is in a foreign language it is of no use at all.


We can provide you with internet researchers in all world languages to sift through the internet picking up relevant information and compiling it all in a neat, accessible and understandable format. Dependent on your project we offer quick turnaround times with quality work carried out by excellent linguists.


Whatever your needs, as long as it is web based, we can help. Our researchers will work with and support you offering access to potential foreign markets.


Our researchers can assist you through:


– Providing reports and/or insight into companies, markets, products or news
– Sourcing suppliers and potential customers abroad
– Identifying competition in new market places
– Exploring costs and market trends
– Carrying out research on websites, forums and the like


For companies that are looking for information on the internet in foreign languages our researchers are an invaluable means of finding the right information, people and resources.


Our people are available on a short-term or ad-hoc basis.


Case Study:


A major international office space company had a failing Japanese website. We were tasked with assessing why and what could be done to revive its fortunes. We compiled a small team of Japanese nationals who analysed the website, its content, the services, etc and then compared it against those of their rivals. The result was a comprehensive report that demonstrated where the company and website was failing.


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