Russian Phrases

Russian is one of the Eastern Slavonic languages, and closely related to Belarusian and Ukrainian. It has approximatley 288,000,000 speakers. Russian is spoken in the 21 republics of the Russian Federation, as well as Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, and Bulgaria. It is one of the official languages of the United Nations.


Most letters in our transliteration correspond to their English equivalents except a few:

zh: as in the 's' in 'measure'

kh: as in the 'ch' in 'Bach'

ts: as in the 'ts' in 'bits'

shch: as in 'sh-ch' in 'fresh chillies'



Good Morning: dobraye utra

Good afternoon: dobryy den

Good evening: dobryy vecher

Goodbye (inf.): paka

How are you?: Kak dila?

Pleased to meet you: ochen priyatna

Yes: da

No: net

Thankyou: spasiba

Pardon me: prastite

I don't understand: ya ni panimayu

I need.: mne nuzhna

Where is.?: gde.?

What's your name?: kak vas zavut?

My name is.: minya zavut.

Where are you from?: atkuda vy?



When does it leave?: kagda atpravlyaetsya

Ticket: billet

Arrival: pribytiye

Departure: atpravleniye

One-way: v adin kanets

Return: tuda i abratna

Airport: aeraport

Bus: aftobus

Tram: tramvay

Train: poyezt

Taxi: taksi



How much is a room?: skol'ka stoit nomer?

Do you have.?: u vas est.?

Hotel: gastinitsa

Soap: myla

Towel: palatentse

Toilet roll: tualetnaya bumaga



How much is it?: skol'ka stoit?

Shop: magazin

Bookshop: knizhnyy magazin

Market: rynak

Pharmacy: apteka

Open/closed: otkryta/zakryta



 Breakfast: zaftrak

Lunch: abet

Dinner: uzhin

Café: kafe



What time is it?: Katoryy chas?

When?: Kagda?

Today: sivodnya

Yesterday: vchira

Tomorrow: zaftra

In the morning: utra

In the evening: vechira



0: nol

1: adin

2: dva

3: tri

4: chityri

5: pyat

6: shest

7: sem

8: vosim

9: devit

10: desit

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