Greek Phrases

Like a golden apple of ancient mythology, Greek is the only language on its branch of the Indo-European family tree. Its closest relations are the Indo-Iranian languages, and Armenian. It has approximately 12,000,000 speakers. Greek is the official language in Greece and Cyprus. It is officially recognised in the Albanian districts of Saranda and Gjirokastër.
Home speakers live in Italy and Turkey. It is one of the official languages of the European Union.


Hello: yasa

Goodbye: andio

Good morning: kalimera

Good afternoon: herete

Good evening: kalispera

Good night: kalinihta

Please: parakalo

Thank you: efharisto

Yes: ne

No: ohi

Sorry: sighnomi

How are you?: Ti kanete?

I'm well thanks: kala efharisto

What's your name?: pos sas lene

My name is.: me lene.



Do you speak English?: milate anglika?

I understand: katalaveno

I don't understand: dhen katalaveno

Where is.?: pou ine

How much?:  poso kani

When?: pote




What time does the.leave/arrive?: ti ora fevyi/ftani to .?

Plane: aeroplano

Boat: karavi

Bus: astiko

Train: treno

Taxi: taxi


I'd like.: tha ithela.

A return ticket: isitirio me epistrofi

First class: proti thesi




How do I get to.?: pos tha pao sto/sti.?

Where is..?: pou ine..?

Is it near?: ine konda?

Straight ahead: efthia

Left: aristera

Right: dexia

Behind: piso





Where is.?: pou ine..?

I'd like.: thelo ena

A good hotel: kalo xenodohio

Single: mono

Double: dhiplo

Room: dhomatio


How much is it?: poso kani?

Is breakfast included?: symberilamvani ke pro-ino?

May I see it?: boro na to dho?




What time is it?: ti ora ine?

It's: ine

1 o'clock: mia i ora

7:30: efta ke misi

today: simera

tonight: apopse

now: tora

yesterday: hthes

tomorrow: avrio




Breakfast: pro-ino

Lunch: mesimvrino

Dinner: vradhyno

Bread: psomi

Beer: byra

Cheese: tyri

Chicken: kotopoulo

Milk: ghala

Water: nero

Tea: tsai




1: enas (m) mia (f) ena (n)

2: dhio

3: tris (m&f) tria (n)

4: teseris (m&f) tesera (n)

5: pende

6: exi

7: epta

8: ohto

9: enea

10: dheka


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