Dutch Phrases

Dutch is a West Germanic language most closely related to low and high German. It has approximately 21,000,000 speakers.  One of the official languages of the European Union, Dutch is spoken in the Netherlands and in Belgium. There's also a small Dutch-speaking community in northern France around Dunkerque. The English name 'Dutch' derives from the old Dutch word 'Duyts(ch)', which means 'from the people'. The term was used as a collective name for the Dutch and German languages, as distinguished from Latin. Nowadays, the Dutch word 'Duits' is only used to refer to their neighbours, the Germans.


a: short as in the u in cut

a, aa: long as in the a in father

au, ou: cross between ow in how and ow in glow

e: a in bet or long as in the er in fern

e, ee: as in the ay in day

ei: the ey in they

eu: like eu in French couleur

i: as in it

i, ie: as in the ee in feet

ij: as in ey in they

o: as in pot

o, oo: long as in note

oe: as in zoo

u: similar to u in urn

u, uu: as in the u in flute

ui: similar to eui in French fauteuil


ch,g: kh in in loch

j: as in y in yes

r: trilled with tip of the tongue

s: as in s in save

v: similar to f

w: at beginning of word like a v, at end like a w



Hello: Dag/Hallo

Goodbye: Dag

See you soon: Tat ziens

Yes: Ja

No: Nee

Please: Alstublieft

Thank you: Dank u

Excuse me: Pardon

How are you? Hoe gaat het met u/jou?

I'm fine thanks: Goed, bedankt.

My name is: Ik heet

Where are you from?: Waar komt u/kom je vandaan?

I'm from: Ik kom uit


Do you speak English?: Spreekt u/Spreek je Engels?

I don't understand: Ik begrijp het niet



What time does the - leave/arrive?: Hoe laat vertrekt.arriveert de -?

Bus: bus

Train: trein

Tram: tram

Where is the - ?: waar is de/het - ?

Bus stop: De bushalte

Metro station: het metrostation

Train station: het (trein) station

I?d like a one-way/return ticket: Ik wil graag een enkele reis/een retour



What street/road is this?: Welke straat/weg is dit?

How do I get to..?: Hoe kom ik bij..?

Left: links

Right: rechts

Where is the..? Waar is de/het..?

Bank: de bank

Embassy: de ambassade

Exchange office: het wisselkantoor

Post office: het postkantoor

Public toilet: het openbaar toilet



Do you have a room?: Heeft u een kamr?

How much is it per night/per person?: Hoeveel is het per nacht/per persoon?

Is breakfast included?: Is ontbijy inbegrepen?

May I see the room? Magi k de kamer zien?



How much is it?: hoeveel is het?

Its too expensive: Het is mij te duur



What time is it?: Hoe laat is het?

When?: Waneer?

Today: vandaag

Tonight: vanavond

Tomorrow: morgen

Yesterday: gisteren



1: é©®

2: twee

3: drie

4: vier

5: vijf

6: zes

7: zeven

8: acht

9: negen

10: tien

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