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Bangla (Bengali) Phrases

Are you travelling to the Bengal region of India or to Bangaladesh? Learn your 'hellos' and 'how are yous' with our Bangla (Bengali) language phrases.

Bangla is the national language of Bangladesh and the official language of the state of West Bengal in India. Bangla is the easternmost of the Indo-European languages and has its roots in Pali, the local speech of Bengal. With Arabic, Urdu and Persian words Bangla has a close semblance to Hindi, with variations in pronunciation.


We have tried to keep the transliteration as close to English as possible. However, the following letters vary slightly.

a: as in 'cat'
aa: as in 'father'
i: as in the 'i' in police
j: as in 'jet'
o: as in 'hot'
v & w: both a cross between a 'v' and 'w'


Hello (Muslim): asalaam alaykum
Hello (Hindu): nomaashkaar
Good bye: khudaa hafiz
See you later: pore dakhaa hobe
Excuse me: maaf korun
Yes: ji
No: naa
No problem: tik aache
How are you?: kaamon aachen?
I'm fine: bhaalo aahi
What's your name?: aapnaar naam ki?
How old are you?: koto boyosh?
I don't understand: aami bujhi naa


I want to go to..: aami. jaabo
When does the . leave/arrive?: kokhon . chaarbe/pochaabeh?
Boat: noukaa/launch
Bus: baas
Train: tren
Care: gaari


Where is.?: . kotaai?
How far is.?: . koto dur?
Left: baame
Right: daane
Here: ekhaane
There: okhaane

Around Town

Bank: bank
Hospital: haashpaataal
Market: baajaar
Mosque: moshjid
Temple: mondir
Chemist: oshuder dokaan


Breakfast: naashtaa
Lunch: dupurer khaabaar
Dinner: raater khaabaar
Beef: gorur maangsho
Bread: ruti
Chicken: murgi
Chilli: morich
Egg: dim
Fish: maach
Fruit: p'hol
Milk: dudh
Rice: bhaat
Salt: lobon
Sugar: chini
Water: paani


1: ek
2: dui
3: tin
4: chaar
5: paach
6: ch-hoy
7: shaat
8: aat
9: noy
10: dosh

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