Misconceptions about Translation Companies

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Businesses justify not using language translation services with many excuses. The bulk of these excuses are founded on common misconceptions. Here are the most common:


It costs too much: Just like most other services, you get what you pay for. However, when you compare the total price with the total cost, language translation services come out far ahead. The cost of not investing in professional services can be astronomical not just from a financial perspective, but from a company image point of view. You also greatly limit the number of markets you penetrate and consequently, sales. When you compare how labor intensive language translation is, it’s clear the going rate now for these services is very competitive.


I don’t need it for my industry: You won’t be able to make that call until you give it a chance. Maybe you don’t need it where you currently operate your business. But ‘your industry’ exists in other countries in the world, and they probably have the same viewpoint. The first ones to take the chance and challenge the norms are usually the first to pioneer great things for their industry. If you can reach out to others in your field by talking their language, you can open up endless possibilities with suppliers, customers and even the international media.


It’s too long and complicated: Yes, it can be if you try to do it yourself. Right now there is a company that can manage your entire language translation needs as well as integrate them with other world class support services. This means not only are your language translation needs covered, but your other promotional needs such as copywriting, search engine marketing, advertising or even your hosting are taken care of. The result is your message goes faster and further than anyone else’s.




I only speak one language: If you’re concerned you won’t be able to understand your customers when they communicate with you, rest easy. The company you choose to do your language translation can take full responsibility for this and make communication with anyone speaking a foreign language a breeze. Just make sure you partner with a company that doesn’t restrict itself to language translation, but has the infrastructure and resources to combine language translation with other services for optimal results.


My company isn’t ready yet: If you don’t take the initial step, your company will continue missing out on potential sales. In fact, launching a new facet of your business will force your company to adapt for the better. That way, it’s well equipped to face other challenges along the way.


Sammer Hakim’s is a Dallas-based copywriter having written extensively across several key industries. His site www.LanguageTranslationFacts.com helps people make an informed decision prior to engaging language translation services.

Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/advertising-articles/language-translation-misconceptions-35317.html

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