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Professional Interpreters

Interpreting is essentially verbal translation; instead of dealing with written language, an interpretation service aids oral communication between two [or more] speakers that do not speak the same language. Interpreting can be done over the phone, but the interpreter and its client usually have face to face contact.


There are two main types of interpreting:


Consecutive interpreting service: here, the interpreter listens to a number of sentences and repeats these in the required language when the speaker pauses. The number of people involved in a consecutive interpreting session is usually quite low. These interpreters are most commonly used for business meetings, negotiations, court hearings, sales pitches, trade shows, etc.


Simultaneous interpreting service: when interpreting simultaneously, the interpreter speaks at the same time as the speaker. This type of interpreting is often used for (video) conferences and requires two interpreters if the interpreting assignment lasts the whole day as listening and speaking at the same time are quite demanding of the interpreter. These interpreters are mostly found at multilingual conferences, press conferences, on live TV, etc.


How much does an Interpreter service cost?

Consecutive interpreters are usually charged per hour at a rate of anywhere from £25 p/h upwards. Simultaneous interpretation work is only done on day rates that start from £500 upwards. Usually travel is added on top of all costs. If you need an interpreter, speak to us and we can advise on the best solution for you.


Why Kwintessential?

global translation and interpreting agenciesKwintessential provide 4 main services: Translation, Interpreting,  Design and Localization.


We believe we offer our clients real added value through our complementary services. Each are geared around helping clients break language and cultural barriers to better their businesses.


So why use us as your translation and interpreting services company? Well…


  • We are an ISO:9001 accredited company. This means the company’s work is inspected and benchmarked according to international standards.
  • We run our own Quality Management System to ensure every aspect of your translation or interpreting assignment is carried out perfectly.
  • We only work with qualified and experienced human translators and interpreters. No automated translations.
  • We value our clients. Our Relationship and Project Managers have your best interests are heart and work to ensure real ROI. We have transparent costs. Our processes, quotes and invoices are clear; pricing is always easy to understand and will not break the bank.


Text Translation


translationsTranslation is the conversion of a written text from one language to another – i.e. an English to French translation, for example, or even Arabic to Chinese. Any text can be translated; from legal documents to financial reports to websites to news, the possibilities are endless.


Like our interpreter services, there are different types of translations. Which do you need? 


Business translations involve the translation of documents or text related to any sector or industry of business. Whether it’s advertising, pharmaceuticals or IT, we have translators that specialize in all fields. The format of the text doesn’t matter – we translate anything – the content does. 


A very special form of translation is transcreation. This is geared more towards marketing, web copy, advertising and the like as it’s all about being creative with translations. Here, the message of the text is more important than the words. A translator that is transcreating a text tries to convey the spirit of the text/concept/idea in the most culturally suitable manner, whether that contravenes the original text or not. 


certified translation is used to indicate that a translation has been carried out by a qualified translator. Attached to translated documents a certificate is usually attached noting the translator’s identity. Documents that require certification are usually documents for official use such as birth certificates or medical records. 


How much does text translation cost?


The majority of translation companies charge on a per word basis although other factors such as the technicality of the text, deadlines and language variants will impact final costs. 


As an example, some translation and interpreting agencies may charge £100 per 1,000 words. If you run a word count on your document, you simply times that by 0.1. So a document with 4,333 words will cost £433 – 4,333 x 0.1. 


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Testimonials from Translation & Interpreting clients


  • I was very pleased with the service, efficient and prompt turnaround.” Allen & Overy
  • “Fantastic! Will book again.” Hilton Worldwide
  • “You were fantastic, freindly, patient and organised.” Endemol


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