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Professional TranslatorsBeing offered a cheap translation? Sound too good to be true? Double-check they won’t be using machine translation software!


At Kwintessential we took the decision to shy away from any use of machine translation software.


Translation software has without doubt revolutionised the process of language translation, however we believe not always for the better. Prices have indeed become more competitive and turn around times have been slashed. Yet translation software will never be able to provide quality, fluid and meaningful translations simply because of the lack of human involvement.


As a simple way of highlighting the differences between the translations of humans and software, we ran the following experiment. We took the following piece of German text that needed to be translated into English:


Wir hoffen sehr, dass Ihnen unsere Website gefällt. Bitte lassen Sie es uns wissen, falls wir hässliche Übersetzungsfehler gemacht haben.


After running it through a piece of translation software the resulting translation was:


We hope very that you our websites felled.  Please you let know us it if we made ugly translation mistakes. 


Whereas one of our human translators translated it as:


We sincerely hope that you enjoy our site and please let us know if we have made any ghastly errors in translation.


Now the translation software’s results are comprehensible, yet would you be satisfied with that?


We only work with qualified, experienced and professional human translators. Although our prices may be higher and our turn around times longer, our human translators guarantee quality work.

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