How to Achieve Good Quality Translation

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In the last two decades, the world has opened up its communication and business links providing a market for translation services. But, how good are these translation services?


It is a misnomer to believe that translation is just a simple task of converting one language to another. Wouldn’t that make it easy?


But of course translation involves a great deal more than just undertaking a word for word conversion. Learning a foreign language does not empower anyone to assume they can now undertake translation. Many a good business has been lost just because they were not prepared to budget in their business plan for good quality translation services. It’s no good saying at your business planning meeting “Old Joe speaks a fair bit of Spanish and he practices every year when he goes on holiday. He’ll do it for nothing”. Maybe Sandra speaks a bit of Greek and she goes on holiday to Corfu each year. Maybe someone in the firm has a son or daughter who’s just got their exams in German. So, why then when so many speak a foreign language do you need translation services and why do they need to be quality translation services? The following are reasons why good quality translation services are crucial to your business.


a) Translation is certainly not a simple task of muddling through and exchanging word for word. All languages differ in structure and phrasing. Each language has its own nuances that are unique to that language. Whilst you may get by on a little broken Spanish when on holiday, unbeknown to you, much of what you say makes little sense to the listener who will be used to guessing what you are trying to say. Quality translation services therefore are essential for your business.


b) Quality translation services understand the structure of language. Imagine sending an important document to be received by someone in the target language and thinking you only needed a quick translation then finding that what was received on the other end was either unreadable or worse still, came across as insulting. Lots of phrases in English will not translate compatibly with the target language. A less than quality translation service will not pay attention to the minute details that convey meaning. If you wish to ensure that your document conveys the exact meaning of the message you wish to impart to the recipient, you would be foolish to assume it can be done without the quality translation service that may make a dent in your precious budget.


c) You may be surprised by the disastrous consequences experienced by some companies when they have not budgeted for quality translation services. Often poor translation can result in loss of business and some companies have even become the subject of litigation.


The message is simple therefore, don’t make the mistake of thinking translation is a simple task. Quality translation services are an essential tool in a world that is dependent upon technology and cross global communication.

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