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Do you get translations completed for things like business cards, flyers, manuals and adverts? Chances are you need the translated text incorporated into some sort of template (usually English) created by your graphic designer. Clients sometimes don’t understand how this works and what they need to do. A common question we get asked is “why can’t my graphic designer use the translations?”


In answer to the question, we have posted this video.


Why can’t my regular DTP guy or graphic designer deal with translated text?


Hi! I’m Neil Payne. One of the ways we like to communicate with our clients is through video. And every now and again what we’ll do is we’ll collect together a whole group of FAQs and answer them on video and put them out on the World Wide Web, obviously to our clients. So what’s today’s question?


Right, today’s question is about desktop publishing, which we do a lot of in foreign languages here at Kwintessential. A lot of our clients will come to us and say: “Why can’t my normal graphic designer do my desktop publishing in a foreign language?”


The answer is very simple: They can. But, you know, if your graphic designer hasn’t got experience of working with, you know, Arabic, French, Italian, Chinese, Korean, whatever the language may be, sometimes they’ll struggle to find the right fonts, there could be a lot toing and froing between us and the designer just to help you do something quite simple a lot of the time.


So we provide a multilingual DTP service at a very reasonable charge and that just makes sure that we apply the text to the template probably InDesign or some other software package, and it just makes sure that you get stuff done as it should be: on time, with less faffing about at the end of the day.

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