Welcome to the Kwintessential resources page. In this section you will find a wealth of resources to aid you in your worldliness! We have information on language training, cross cultural training, intercultural training and cultural awareness. Whether you work for a multinational company, work with associates from abroad, are involved in business deals across borders, are a foreign student, an expat or simply want to broaden the mind, you can find helpful tools here.

Our most popular and useful tools here are our intercultural quiz games under the section, ‘How culturally aware are you?’, which is a really handy set of quiz tools to help you pinpoint your training needs or to check the training needs of your staff. We also have a really useful basic language phrases section, where you can find basic phrases in 26 different languages to aid you with your language training.

In this section you can also find a vast range of religious resources to help those in cultural awareness training to understand other cultures and their religions. Don’t forget to take a look at the Country Profiles section too to learn about individual countries and their cultures.

If you’re looking for links, you’ll find those here in the resources section. We have links to TEFL resources, language links, travel links, business links, education links and much more.

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