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Multilingual Telemarketers

Multilingual TelemarketersTele-Marketing Abroad

For companies or organisations running telemarketing campaigns abroad or in foreign languages, our Multilingual Telemarketing service provides eager and experienced telemarketers.

Telemarketers offer businesses or call centres access to foreign clients and customers through their ability to deal in foreign languages and mould scripts according to the cultural necessities of different nationalities.

Our service is able to provide proficient speakers of a range of foreign languages for permanent, temporary, short-term or ad hoc telemarketing work.

Case Study: Brand Names in France

A Bristol based marketing company was working on behalf of a client to assess whether a particular brand name was recognised in France and whether or not there was space for it on the French market. We formed a team of French speaking telemarketers who made targeted calls using a questionnaire script. The information they gathered was critical in our client's decision to not enter the French market.

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