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Multilingual and Foreign Language Research

Multilingual and Foreign Language ResearchMultilingual Assistance

For companies needing help with research into foreign markets we can provide an excellent solution. Why not let one of our linguists take on your project for you?

Our multilingual researchers can assist you with:

  • Reports and/or insight into economic, political and economic profiles of target countries
  • Researching sectors and companies in foreign countries
  • Sourcing suppliers and potential customers abroad
  • Analysing competition and costs in a new market
  • Carrying out research on websites, forums and the internet
  • Acting as both translator and interpreter when conversing with potential clients or customers abroad
  • Accompanying you to foreign destinations as a guide
For companies that are looking to expand abroad our researchers are an invaluable means of finding the right information, people and resources in foreign countries. Through accessing information that would otherwise be difficult to reach, researchers can open doors to foreign markets with minimal outlay.

We can provide companies with researchers able to deal with most countries of business interest and in all major world languages. Researchers are available on a full time basis, short-term or ad-hoc.

Case Study: Research in Korea

A computer parts dealer in London needed to research costs of parts from companies in Korea. With no Korean speakers on the team they asked Kwintessential to source a team of 3 people to work for a fortnight. The researchers called Korea, spoke to relevant people and compiled a list for our client. The result was fantastic for the client as they discovered new suppliers.

Case Study: Weddings in Slovenia

A Surrey based company providing weddings in Europe was looking to expand its services into Slovenia. With no knowledge of the language, culture or business structure in the country they came to us. The company was looking for someone to call companies in Slovenia, such as florists, venues, caterers, to source services and goods as well as travel to Slovenia to set up their operations. We introduced them to a Slovenia based researcher that assisted them with all their needs.

For more information on this service or to discuss your needs please contact us.