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Traditionally, Japanese video games were only intended for players in the country itself. Now that gamers are broadening their scope, more games make it to the international market. However, as the Japanese culture is very different to that of Europe and the US, localization is in order.
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As Chinese consumers have more and more money to spend, they expect more from the hotels they visit – inside their own country and abroad. Hotel chains can thus seriously benefit from localization efforts.
If you want to expand your brand and your business abroad, PR is a great way of doing so. But is PR the same the world over? Polly looks at some of the main considerations when taking your PR campaign international.
When entering the Chinese market, even very successful fashion companies can encounter serious difficulties. A brand’s name can especially pose problems for the Chinese who can have difficulties in pronouncing the name. Elizabeth Paton has some great tips for ‘hot’ brands to ensure the Chinese consumer is just as enthusiastic about a brand as the rest of the world!
The recent announcement by British company Marks and Spencer that it will close down several of their Chinese stores seems to be an indication that the company has failed to win over the Chinese consumer. Can the retail giant turn this around by adjusting their localizationstrategies for the Chinese market?
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As a mobile marketer, you aim for the highest ad engagement you can possibly get. To achieve this, language localization can be of great help.
“Globalization” is probably the most used term of our century. This complex process of international integration involves the exchange of world views, traditions, cultures, ideas, languages and, above all, products. This is why globalization affects and is affected by international business. In these times translations become more important than ever.
Devils, be gone! Vladimir Kupratevich explains how translation devils can haunt the process of translating into multiple languages. Thankfully, he also explains how to exorcise them!
Last week, I was driving in my “swift panther” drinking a “Delicious and happiness,” when I realised I was hungry, so I opened up a bag of “happy event…” This sentence probably doesn’t make any sense to you. However, if you are Chinese, you know exactly what we are talking about!
Recently, a survey has been held to investigate the effects of language, localization and brand recognition on e-commerce. The results? Consumers are more likely to buy products online if they can do so in their own language.
When reading about localization in the business world, it is important to remember that it's so much more than language localization or websites and apps. Localization in fact can refer to adapting anything to another country, culture or taste. Weetabix are now planning on targetting the Chinese breakfast market but what will they localize?
The need for localization and especially translation continue to grow as the global nature of business sets in. Online selling platform eBay has called in the help of machine translation experts to help boost sales in emerging markets.
Both Japanese and Western companies can benefit greatly from collaborating with one another as this is a great way for them to enter on new markets. App localization will become a key tool in making this happen.
The online gaming industry recently discovered the vast consumer base that exists in Southeast Asia. To reach as many people as they possibly can, these companies now turn to localization to make sure their products fit the Southeast Asian market perfectly.
Kwintessential, your friendly language service provider, are very proud to announce the launch of our new brand and Africa-focused website.
Even though it can safely be said that Starbucks is the dominant player in the field of global coffee shops, the company is trying to strengthen its position even further – and it's doing so by using localization to inform the look and feel of its shops..
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According to a globalization expert, the willingness of volunteers to translate a company’s product gives insight into its potential on the global stage by acting as a test for interest and demand.

5 Great Localization Tips for Startups

Posted by on in Localization
Startups often reach for the stars when it comes to global expansion. Irish company Soundwave is no exception and has found a successful way to launch their product into foreign markets – according to its founders, localization plays a big role in successful expansion. Here are their tips on how to go about it.
The omission of a same sex marriage scene in the Irish version of the latest Coca-Cola advertisement has caused quite a lot of criticism for the brand. However, Coca-Cola claims the decision was made on grounds of localization.
Recently, the chief Executive for Domino’s revealed the secrets of the pizza chain’s worldwide success: localization! Any takers for a paneer pizza?