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The diversity within the langauges of the world is, in a word, glorious. Neighbouring countries can have completely different phrases, terms and slangwords for the same concept, with no visible correlation. In particular, idioms vary hugely from language to language. In English, we can be green with envy, we might see red, or we could be feeling a bit blue. But uttering those phrases in another language might earn you some strange looks.
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Scientific researchers from non-English countries often face challenges when they are looking to publish their work; as English is basically the only language used in the scientific field, they often find it hard get the subtleties of their research across in a language different than their native one.
New research has shown that the language you speak affects the moral choices you make.
Russia has annexed the Crimea region from Ukraine claiming the Russian-speaking popoulation were under threat. Using language as a political tool is no new thing; however the debate over Ukrainian being a distinct language or a dialect of Russian is heating up.

Nigeria’s National Language Issue

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Did you know that there are over 500 different languages spoken in Nigeria? No wonder the choosing of a national language isn't going very smoothly! Dare Adekanmbi provides us with a little insight in the issue.
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RIP Nelson Mandela

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The management of a Domino’s Pizza shop in Preston no longer allows its employees to speak their own language; from now on, all conversations must be held in English. How do you feel about multilingualism at the workplace?
It is no secret that people in the United Kingdom are not known for their foreign language skills. However, a recent report by the British Council stated that the shortage of people that speak foreign languages is “alarming.”
If you have plans to expand your business into the Indonesian market, you might want to read this article. Recently, a court in the country ruled that a contract drawn up in the English language was invalid, leaving an American company crying over lost revenue.

Language, Translation and Trademarks

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Do you immediately think about David Beckham when you hear the words “Golden Balls?” The term recently appeared in the news because of supposedly infringing a registered trademark. But not the one you might think…
In the announcement of his spending review on Wednesday, George Osborne announced several developments in government spending policy. Among them, one particular change piqued our interest here at Kwintessential – a kind of crossroads between politics, economics and language.

Language at Work: English Only?

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What language do you speak at work? Or is it languages? A recent incident at Whole Foods in Albuquerque, USA sparked outrage on social media fuelling a debate on spoken language at work.  Should companies be allowed to tell employees what languages they can and cannot speak while working?
Looking for a laugh? Well it's funny Chinese language machine translations time! Check out these funny English signs that were photographed in China.
Work in the market research space? New findings have revealed that the results of surveys, questionnaires and market research can be skewed and manipulated by the translation of the terms used in questions.  
Travelling to the Middle East, The Gulf or Arab world on business? No matter where in the world you go for work knowing a few words or phrases in the local language can break down barriers, build relationships and smooth the way to business success.
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Ever thought a celebrity such as Robery Downey Jr. would need and use localization to market himself and his latest flick Iron Man 3? Here are some tips that might have aided Downey, but can definitely help you market your products properly in foreign markets!
How does one go about inventing a language? Many people have done this for TV and movies before whether it's Klingon for Star Trek, Elvish for Lord of the Rings or Wookie for Star Wars. The hit TV series Game of Thrones has brought a new language to our screens - Dothraki and High Valyrian.

How to say and use No in Arabic

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Travelling to the Arabic speaking world? Learning some Arabic phrases? 'No' is one of the most crucial words you will need to know. Arabic - English translator, Zoe Trunks explains why.
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A new report from Ipsos finds that businesses need and want people with intercultual skills. John Worne agrees, stressing the importance of knowing your foreign languages and being culturally aware as a company.
Yale University behavioural economist Keith Chen has published a new study that supports the controversial theory that your language influences the decisions you make about your finances.