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The diversity within the langauges of the world is, in a word, glorious. Neighbouring countries can have completely different phrases, terms and slangwords for the same concept, with no visible correlation. In particular, idioms vary hugely from language to language. In English, we can be green with envy, we might see red, or we could be feeling a bit blue. But uttering those phrases in another language might earn you some strange looks.
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Whether we know it or not, culture impacts almost everything we do. Within business, one should always be aware of cultural differences. Yes, even within interior design!
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According to new research, the cultural divide between the West and the East can be explained by the type of farming methods used between the regions. As rice requires more human labour, researchers say it’s no wonder that people in the East are more interdependent.
Have you ever wondered how other cultures celebrate Valentine’s Day? Does everyone give gifts? Is it always celebrated by couples, or do some cultures celebrate with family? What about special unique traditions, they must differ from country to country? Do some countries celebrate Valentine’s at all?
Always wanted to know more about the Swazi language and culture but found plane tickets a tad too expensive? With the new SiSwApp that is to be launched in February next year, the culture of the beautiful African country will unfold itself before your very eyes!
You may have seen this amazing graphic going viral in the past couple of days. How did such a simple and funny representation of stereotype become viral so quickly? To find out more, we interviewed it’s creator – Jerome Vadon.
Christmas is approaching rapidly and again everybody is struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift. Don’t worry though, here’s our pick of this year’s best gifts aimed at those who love languages, exploring different cultures and travelling.
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RIP Nelson Mandela

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It might take a while before we celebrate Halloween again, and this blog comes a couple of weeks late, but we thought it was still worth a look at. Halloween might be a bit of fun for most people, but have you ever thought about what the costumes say about the people wearing them?
We at Kwintessential love dealing with African language translation. It's exciting and different. However, as Scholastka Mbave Hausiku tells us, sometimes it can be tough when translating between English and indigenous African languages due to cultural differences.
By now, readers of this blog should be well aware of the fact that there are cultural differences between people. But where do these differences come from? Nature or nurture?

ELIA ND Munich 2013: Doing Business in Germany

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I am currently in Germany taking part in the European Language Industry Association (ELIA) Networking Days conference which takes part twice a year. As members we really like ELIA, its members and what is does for the translation and language sector.
We focus a lot on this website about cultural differences in business; however for us it's all about culture and understanding that culture influences who we are and what we do. Only when you understand your own "self" and the cultural programming your have received, can you move towards understanding the "other".
Has the adoption of western education, management and leadership paradigms killed off local and national management styles across the world? Voices in the UAE are claiming this is unhealthy and unsustainable as foreign principles can never 100% fit in with local cultural needs.
What do you think of when you hear the word ‘football’ (soccer to our American cousins)? The World Cup? Champions League? Fans cheering in the stand? Business? Money? Violence? Legend Eric Cantona would like us to think again...
Different perspectives = different priorities. This is true of anything in life and especially in global business.

You can read as many books about cultural awareness as you like; you will only become successful when working with other cultures when you put your knowledge into action.
Fancy yourself as a bit of a Culture Vulture? Next time you feel like flying off to get your fix of cultural diversity why not try one of these world cities?
Yale University behavioural economist Keith Chen has published a new study that supports the controversial theory that your language influences the decisions you make about your finances.
Do you question how important culture is to our daily lives? Well many do. In reality however culture is at play moulding the world around us every minute of every day; sometimes in ways we don't understand. New research by Romain Wacziarg suggests country’s income per capita is actually closely related to the its culture.