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Recent blog posts
Businesses in the UK are increasingly looking for employees who speak foreign languages. However, the fact that the UK’s education system isn’t promoting foreign language learning means this need cannot be met.
Russians have a reputation for being loud and rowdy tourists when they travel abroad. However, this might soon be a thing of the past as an Italian hotel owner has created an etiquette guide for Russians who are visiting Italy this summer to try and temper their 'uncouth' ways.
Scientific researchers from non-English countries often face challenges when they are looking to publish their work; as English is basically the only language used in the scientific field, they often find it hard get the subtleties of their research across in a language different than their native one.
If you work cross-culturally, whether abroad or at home, chances are you have found yourself in a situation whereby you find yourself a little lost with the way people work and/or behave. Sometimes, this comes down to culture - i.e. differences in values and how this translates into the way someone carries themselves at work.
Are you involved in online marketing? Looking to take things global? Well good news...we have just added a fantastic new resource to our downloads page entitled "Multilingual Online Marketing: A Best Practice Guide".
On our blog we love to look at different takes on cultural differences. Understanding culture and how it impacts your business isnt just about dos and dont's. It is SO much more and this little piece on culture and security highlights nicely how culture impacts pretty much everything we do from handshakes to security fences.
Recently, expert on global leadership, Erin Meyer, published a new book that aims to help managers lead global teams. By using an eight-scale framework, team leaders can guide their teams to a more effective method of working.
Mobile phone company AT&T Mobility’s Spanish and Chinese users now have access to a service that translates their text messages into English with a press of the ‘send’ button!
You’re at the World Cup in Rio, and you are on your way to the next match – which will be won by your country, obviously, - when boom! You fall flat on your face because you slipped on some Brazil nuts! But how do you tell the nurse in the emergency room what happened if you don’t speak a single word of Portuguese?
When entering the Chinese market, even very successful fashion companies can encounter serious difficulties. A brand’s name can especially pose problems for the Chinese who can have difficulties in pronouncing the name. Elizabeth Paton has some great tips for ‘hot’ brands to ensure the Chinese consumer is just as enthusiastic about a brand as the rest of the world!
Did you know that Arabic is the fifth-most spoken language in the world? Impressively the online Arabic speaking population now surpasses Russian, French and German, according to research by Common Sense Advisory, a market research company specialising in translation.
Customer Case Study: Kwintessential recently delivered a highly practical and interactive training on Corporate Hospitality and Customer Service for Olive Communications’ staff. Here's a little look at what we did.
It's all go in Brazil! All eyes on the hosts of the 2014 World Cup. If you only think of rainforest and beaches when you think of Brazil, then think again! You may see Brazil as country covers by the rainforest and boarded by endless beach, but guess what, here are 11 amazingly random facts about Brazil.
If you are ever around children, chances are you have heard of the Disney musical Frozen. As the film has broken practically every record out there, it has been translated into a great deal of languages, including Arabic. However, Disney decided to dub the film into formal Arabic instead of a dialectal version. Was this a wise decision?
It was all over the news, on the radio, on TV all day, finally…. the World Cup has started! Football is an excellent example demonstrating how culture impacts life and business. For instance, it shows how diversity is a value-add and what a foreigner can bring to another cultural environment.
It's nearly kick-off time! The World Cup 2014 starts on the 12th June 2014 with hosts Brazil taking on Croatia.
A father and son team have joined forces to launch a service that makes it much easier to create multiple translations for videos and potentially films.
By now, almost everyone is aware of the fact that machine translation does not always result in accurate translations. The free language-learning app Duolingo, however, can be used to construct translations based on crowd-sourcing, which, according to its creator, means the translations are very high in quality. Is this new way of translation really as good as the company claims?
According to new research, the cultural divide between the West and the East can be explained by the type of farming methods used between the regions. As rice requires more human labour, researchers say it’s no wonder that people in the East are more interdependent.
In 2001, the UN General Assembly declared May 21st to the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development due to UNESCO’s Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity in the same year. This day is dedicated to enhance our understanding of values of cultural divergence and raise awareness for cultural differences for a better collaboration around the world.