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Recent blog posts
What can movie trailers teach us about cultural differences in advertising and marketing? A lot argues interculturalist, Désirée Gergen, in her blog for the Culture Vulture.

Language and A Question of Sport

Posted by on in News
Is the internationalisation of sport helping or hindering language preservation? This is the question Kwintessential intern, Aiden Froud, investigates in his first blog for the Culture Vulture.
Video streaming website Viki has recently launched a new programme to help keep endangered languages from disappearing. By having their users translate the shows they stream, the company hopes to aid language preservation.
Even though automatic translation tools can be lifesavers when you’ve lost your way in a foreign country, Ian Henderson believes they are not accurate enough to be used by businesses.

The Origin of Language

Posted by on in News
Linguists have long been interested in the origin of language. How did languages evolve? And what did the very first languages spoken on earth sound like? Linguist Gretchen McCulloch is hoping to give you some answers!

The Business of Being an Interpreter

Posted by on in Interpreting
When you are a top simultaneous interpreter, you basically deal with world leaders on a daily basis. Three interpreters give a little insight in what it is like to interpret for diplomats and presidents.

The Minority Languages of Sweden

Posted by on in Translation
Did you think all people in Sweden speak Swedish? Wrong! Next to their wonderful official national language, there are five minority languages officially recognised in the country.
Marketers, SEOs and other stakeholders in online marketing are always looking for new means and ways of boosting their performance. Although new tricks of the trade are always evolving, there is one that I feel is not being exploited enough – using language translation to re-package and promote content.
Whether we know it or not, culture impacts almost everything we do. Within business, one should always be aware of cultural differences. Yes, even within interior design!
Being surrounded by other cultures can bring a great deal of benefits: new research has shown that living in a culturally diverse community can even make you smarter!
Global Training Manager, Caroline, gives some insight into an upcoming train-the-trainer course for business professionals looking to become cultural awareness trainers and coaches.
If you want to expand your brand and your business abroad, PR is a great way of doing so. But is PR the same the world over? Polly looks at some of the main considerations when taking your PR campaign international.
Increasingly, hipsters are using German words in their English sentences. This new trend might only be increasing now that Germany is the winner of the World Cup 2014: however, is the incorporation of German really a recent trend?
15 year-old Kit Barker, who spent a week with Kwintessential on work experience, gives his insight into why school kids need to be taking foreign language learning more seriously.
Move over, Google Translate! Microsoft is planning on launching a Skype translator that not only translates text, but speech as well.  
Businesses in the UK are increasingly looking for employees who speak foreign languages. However, the fact that the UK’s education system isn’t promoting foreign language learning means this need cannot be met.
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Russians have a reputation for being loud and rowdy tourists when they travel abroad. However, this might soon be a thing of the past as an Italian hotel owner has created an etiquette guide for Russians who are visiting Italy this summer to try and temper their 'uncouth' ways.
Scientific researchers from non-English countries often face challenges when they are looking to publish their work; as English is basically the only language used in the scientific field, they often find it hard get the subtleties of their research across in a language different than their native one.
If you work cross-culturally, whether abroad or at home, chances are you have found yourself in a situation whereby you find yourself a little lost with the way people work and/or behave. Sometimes, this comes down to culture - i.e. differences in values and how this translates into the way someone carries themselves at work.
Are you involved in online marketing? Looking to take things global? Well good news...we have just added a fantastic new resource to our downloads page entitled "Multilingual Online Marketing: A Best Practice Guide".