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Languages Made for Film

Posted by on in Translation
Films have had many languages designed especially for them. Some have been ignored and been lost in history whereas others are used today by diehard fans and have dictionaries and translators online. Here are some of the more popular that are used amongst fans.
Video streaming website Viki has recently launched a new programme to help keep endangered languages from disappearing. By having their users translate the shows they stream, the company hopes to aid language preservation.
Even though automatic translation tools can be lifesavers when you’ve lost your way in a foreign country, Ian Henderson believes they are not accurate enough to be used by businesses.

The Minority Languages of Sweden

Posted by on in Translation
Did you think all people in Sweden speak Swedish? Wrong! Next to their wonderful official national language, there are five minority languages officially recognised in the country.
Marketers, SEOs and other stakeholders in online marketing are always looking for new means and ways of boosting their performance. Although new tricks of the trade are always evolving, there is one that I feel is not being exploited enough – using language translation to re-package and promote content.
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Move over, Google Translate! Microsoft is planning on launching a Skype translator that not only translates text, but speech as well.  
Scientific researchers from non-English countries often face challenges when they are looking to publish their work; as English is basically the only language used in the scientific field, they often find it hard get the subtleties of their research across in a language different than their native one.
Mobile phone company AT&T Mobility’s Spanish and Chinese users now have access to a service that translates their text messages into English with a press of the ‘send’ button!
You’re at the World Cup in Rio, and you are on your way to the next match – which will be won by your country, obviously, - when boom! You fall flat on your face because you slipped on some Brazil nuts! But how do you tell the nurse in the emergency room what happened if you don’t speak a single word of Portuguese?
If you are ever around children, chances are you have heard of the Disney musical Frozen. As the film has broken practically every record out there, it has been translated into a great deal of languages, including Arabic. However, Disney decided to dub the film into formal Arabic instead of a dialectal version. Was this a wise decision?
A father and son team have joined forces to launch a service that makes it much easier to create multiple translations for videos and potentially films.
By now, almost everyone is aware of the fact that machine translation does not always result in accurate translations. The free language-learning app Duolingo, however, can be used to construct translations based on crowd-sourcing, which, according to its creator, means the translations are very high in quality. Is this new way of translation really as good as the company claims?
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Even though social media seems to be everywhere these days, Twitter’s growth seems to be slowing down. In order to attract new advertisers, the social networking platform has released a new feature with which Twitter users can be targeted according to their language.
Devils, be gone! Vladimir Kupratevich explains how translation devils can haunt the process of translating into multiple languages. Thankfully, he also explains how to exorcise them!
Many of spend our days wondering what our names would have been inf we were Finnish. Well, maybe not that many but I bet you're intrigued now! An guess what? There is an opportunity for you to find out!
For many of us, first thing that comes to mind when thinking of translation tools is Google Translate. But did you know that Microsoft has developed a translation system as well? Recently, the software giant has added a new language to the system: Welsh!
The need for localization and especially translation continue to grow as the global nature of business sets in. Online selling platform eBay has called in the help of machine translation experts to help boost sales in emerging markets.

The Potential of Arabic Online Content

Posted by on in Translation
Did you know that Arabic is the third most spoken language in the world? No wonder companies are becoming aware that translating online content in Arabic is worth the effort!
If you read our blog regularly, it is likely you are aware of the fact that translation often involves more than simply transferring words from one language to another. According to a Japanese translator, this is no different for the translation of western plays into the Japanese language.
Recently, the Sri Lankan government decided that a number of notices and documents should be translated into Tamil, the language spoken by the Tamil community in the country. According to BBC Asia, however, the translations were not without flaws. This was also noticed by the Sri Lankan media, who covered the issue.