Online Elocution Lessons - FAQ

What exactly are Online Elocution Lessons?

Online Elocution Lessons are merely a modern way to improve your oratory skills through the internet rather than in a face to face setting. Using the internet, learners are able to interact with coaches on a one-to-one basis.

Why would I not just take Elocution lessons face-to-face?

Many people do and if this suits you then this indeed may be a favourable option.

However, this does not work for everyone. Some people may feel shy in such situations; some may not be able to commit to regular lessons/times; some may live a great distance from the nearest coach; some prefer to take lessons in the comfort of their home and many prefer to save money.

Online elocution lessons provide the learner with lessons when and where they want, cutting out all the complications. The security, flexibility and cost effectiveness of online elocution lessons appeals to many people.

Does it work?

A simple answer to this would be that if it did not work companies such as ours would not provide the service. Clients keep coming back and new clients are always joining, demonstrating that online tuition does work.

What if I do not like my coach?

We will change them for you until you are 100% happy.

How long do lessons last?

Unlike face-to-face lessons, online elocution lessons last 60 minutes per lesson.

Can I take the lessons whenever I want?

To an extent the answer is yes. Online lessons provide you with the flexibility to take your lessons when you want.

What equipment do I need?

All you need is your computer, an internet connection, a microphone and/or a webcam (some come with built in microphones).

If you do not already use a messenger service please download one of the following:



Should my PC have any particular specifications?

In addition the items mentioned above you should have a PC with:
Minimum 90 MHz pentium processor
For Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows Me, 16 megabytes (MB) of RAM
For Microsoft Windows NT, 24 megabytes (MB) of RAM
Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.01 or later 
An internet connection with 28kbps modem or faster

How do I pay?

All elocution lessons must be paid for prior to any lessons commencing. Once you have sent us an e-mail via our booking form, we will send you details of how to pay. The most common methods are cheque, bank transfers or via PayPal.

What about refunds and complaints?

Please read our Terms & Conditions which set out our refund, cancellation and complaints policies.

What do I do now?

Simply fill out the Online Elocution Lessons Booking Form.